Family Friendly Landscape Design in MA

No matter how big or small your backyard is in Westford, MA, it has the potential to be one of your family’s favorite hangout spots. The yard is a great place for rest, play, relaxation and rejuvenation, especially for your kids. Having a backyard that suits both your needs as well as those of your children can encourage them to spend time outside, exploring and learning new skills in a safe place. Here are some family-friendly designs for plenty of family fun.

Seamless Interchange between House and Backyard

Family Friendly Landscape Design in Westford MA

As parents know, kids are seldom concerned with trivial distinctions between the indoors and out—they’ll go barefoot from one to the other, they wander the outdoors as they brush their teeth or snack and can go from an indoor activity straight into outdoor romping. Embracing this fact, keep the backyard seamlessly connected to the house with paving that is comfortable under foot. If possible, you can even incorporate the same tiles for a section of seamless transition.


A Tree Transformed Into a Seat

If you have a tree in your yard that stands alone, chances are that your kids already make it central to their play. To provide a convenient shaded area for your kids to catch their breath or tie a shoelace, a beautiful, wraparound bench can be added to the base of the tree.

A Non-toxic Yard

Spreading pesticides on plants can adversely affect the health of kids, especially if they’re young and adventurous. Opt for organic, non-toxic compounds for fertilization and pest protection. You’ll also want to make sure that the plants in your yard are not poisonous or harmful to your kids or pets. Talk to a landscaper about identifying potential hazards lurking in your yard.


A trampoline is perfect for sky-high jumping, but also for lounging and laughing with friends when it’s time for get-togethers. Be sure to include plenty of space and soft, lush lawn or sand around the trampoline for safety.

Cool and Colorful Deck

An outdoor deck can be made cool and colorful to act as a lounge and appeal to the tastes of grown ups and kids alike. It can be made to a size that accommodates the whole family and include plenty of built-in benches to ensure everyone has a place to sit.

Picnicking and Croquet

An ideal place for spreading out a picnic lunch and starting a game of croquet would be an open grassy area near the patio or pool. All you need is lawn space and some croquet equipment and you’re good to go.

A Parent Seating Area

When kids are enjoying a play set or outdoor games, parents need a comfortable area of their own. This area should include seating and be in line of sight from the playground in order to supervise. A patio can serve well, or a comfortable bench positioned near the play set for parental comfort.


Toy Storage Areas

Bicycles, sporting equipment, beach balls, and sandbox shovels are hazardous and unsightly when left across the yard without storage. Have a storage shed installed for storing such equipment—it provides a tidy space for them to rest when not in use and can also add a quaint touch to your backyard.