Our Top Masonry Recommendations for Your Amherst, NH, Landscape Project

Expert use of masonry can transform a landscape into a masterpiece. Using the right materials in the proper setting is key to bringing your outdoor space to life and ensuring that the features they build will last for years to come. Purpose, functionality, placement, and style will all be factors to consider when selecting material options. Read on for our top masonry recommendations for your Amherst, NH, landscape project.

Brick Masonry

Our Top Masonry Recommendations for Your Amherst, NH, Landscape Project

Brick masonry can be used for an extensive variety of landscape projects. It is widely popular for use in walkways, retaining walls, and pool decks. It can also be slip resistant, making it a safe option for walking and surfaces that tend to get wet. It is a natural and environmentally safe building material. The installation of brick can be a fitting option for high traffic areas that have to undergo changing climate conditions throughout the year.  

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With proper care and expertise, the design/build process will ensure that your brick masonry will retain its original appearance and not crack over time because of shifting terrain. If a replacement does become necessary, brick can be easily repaired and replaced should one become damaged. Each individual brick can be removed without upsetting the entire design. 

Bricks are also available in an array of color options, and can be installed in differing patterns, making them desirable for use in various landscape design build projects. Because brick can be used as a material in so many different landscape projects, it can be the prime choice for creating a uniform aesthetic. For example, using one type of brick masonry for your deck and surrounding features, like your stairs, fire pit, and outdoor kitchen area, could make your outdoor living space appear harmonized.

Stone Masonry

Natural stone or concrete pavers that closely resemble natural stone are naturally elegant, stylish, and amazingly adaptable materials that can be used for a variety of outdoor landscape projects. These may be recommended for use in areas such as patios and outdoor kitchen flooring. The textures, sizes, colors, and unique shapes mean you have many choices to make as you finalize the design. They are durable options for creating a beautiful look in your landscape.

Cut stone is another option. Cut stone are materials such as granite, marble, and slate. These landscape materials are widely used in outdoor kitchen and wet bar settings.

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Stone Retaining Wall or Fire Pit

For bringing functionality and beauty to your outdoor living, you could opt for a masonry retaining wall. It could be made of natural stone, granite, field stone, veneer, or concrete. Expert masons can craft the kind of wall that can become a centerpiece of your backyard if it offers space for seating or displaying beautiful flowers.

Concrete wall units that are used to build a retaining wall could also be used to make the kind of fire pit that will make your landscape the envy of the neighborhood. Made to withstand incredible heat and designed for beauty, a masonry fire feature would encourage intimate gatherings and late-night talks. Look into your options for what kind of fire feature would best complement the rest of the features in your landscape project.