Perk Up Your Laconia, NH, Landscape with Masonry Steps and Staircases

Maybe you recently visited the home of new friends and noticed how inviting and swoon-worthy their masonry entryway steps were. Later, you learned that the steps were a new addition to their home and were installed specifically to spruce up the exterior. If this made you wonder if you could do the same to your landscape, you can! Here are some ways to perk up your Laconia, NH, landscape with masonry steps.

Choosing Masonry

Perk Up Your Laconia, NH, Landscape with Masonry Steps and Staircases

Masonry steps and stairs offer many advantages to your property. First, masonry is durable and long-lasting—your new steps will last as long as you live in your home. Second, masonry does not rot like wood, so you do not have to concern yourself with replacement at some point. Third, masonry is completely weatherproof—you will not have to worry if it will still be intact after the heavy winter snows or strong storms. Fourth, masonry resists fire, too. While no one likes to think about a home burning, it does happen, and masonry features are not an issue during a fire. And last, masonry becomes a classic, beautiful complement to most any architectural exterior.


Masonry Steps

Masonry steps can be designed in a variety of ways. They can be brick, landscape paving stones, or cement—and some designs incorporate more than one of these materials. Masonry steps can be added to your landscape in many places: walkways, entryways, porches, or combined with a gorgeous long sidewalk. The placement options are plentiful, depending on your space.

You might love steps that have a curved appearance, increasing in size until they reach the base. Or, perhaps, brick steps with rounded edges would suit your home well. Flagstone makes a timeless step and landing combination, one that can greatly—and equally—complement rustic, traditional, and modern exteriors. And, if you don’t love the look of a railing, you could see if the mason could craft walls of the same materials along the steps to add safety for descending walkers.


Masonry Staircase

Masonry staircases can be part of a retaining wall that has been added to the landscape because of drainage issues or unlevel ground. Depending on the terrain and amount of space available, the stairs can be wide and deep, or deep and more narrow. If mobility is an issue for friends or family members, the steps can be constructed to be shallow, to allow for more comfortable stepping.

Not only can a masonry staircase bring access to an area of the landscape that is difficult to ascend without steps, but it can also be a pretty focal point, too. A staircase can also be part of a low landscape wall that follows the lines of your property. Regardless of where the staircase is located, a unique masonry staircase will make your visitors want to climb it and see where it leads.

A qualified stonemason can help you locate the best places to add masonry steps and staircases for your landscape. Choosing a landscape expert with the highest service standards means that you can confidently opt to perk up your landscape and exterior because you will get the masonry steps and staircase that you envisioned.