The Importance of Communication with Your Hollis, NH, Landscaper

If you are thinking about doing some landscape renovation in your Hollis, NH, yard, a clear line of communication is essential. Clear communication can make or break the success of the project. Here are some key points to consider as the partnership between you and your landscaper kicks off.

Start By Asking Yourself Questions

The Importance of Communication with Your Hollis, NH, Landscaper

As with any conversation, you’re going to be asked questions. You may want to figure out some of the answers before your landscaper asks them. Do you want to host large gatherings? Are you OK with transporting food outdoors for an event, or do you want to be able to cook outside while you visit with your guests? Does your family love to play games? Have you always dreamed of having a big flower or vegetable garden? Would you eventually love to have a pool?

Asking yourself these types of questions can narrow down the features you may want in your yard, and that will help the landscape contractor when suggesting the kind of structures and plants and lighting that will accomplish your goals.

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Use Pictures

Take the time to do your homework—look for and save any pictures of landscapes that you love. Choose pictures that have the features you are desiring for your own yard so that you can show the landscape contractor exactly how you want your landscape to look.

Focus on the small details that make the landscape spectacular to you. It is often easy for a landscaper to see the big ideas and concepts, but the little details might not be so noticeable. Keeping a running list so you can bring up the details when you meet with your landscaper.

Look at Examples of Work

A reliable, professional landscaper will be glad to show you past work, and to share contact information for previous clients. Willingness to share references can be an excellent source of information and reassurance that this contractor is reputable. You can ask those customers questions such as: Did the workers arrive on time? Was the schedule reasonable, or were they always behind? Did the landscape contractor respond to messages quickly and look for solutions to problems? Were you pleased with the overall outcome?

Meet Regularly

Decide before the project starts how often you will meet together—maybe it’s once a week, depending on the size of your project. Find out the best method of communicating with your contractor so that you know you’re on the same page. Your landscaper should encourage regular feedback from you to ensure that your expectations are met.

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Establish a Budget

Knowing how much you can spend before you contact your landscaper can prioritize the hardscape and softscape features that will be included in your project. Remember that your landscape contractor has extensive experience with these kinds of projects, and can often suggest additions that you have not even thought of. Your land will be assessed to determine if a feature you really want might turn out to be too expensive because of an existing slope. When communication is tight, your landscaper is able to suggest alternatives that you’re likely to find pleasing and that fit within your budget.