Gorgeous Custom Outdoor Fireplace Designs for your MA Home

Custom outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are among the most desirable home features in Newton, MA. If you are enthralled by the idea of curling up in front of a fireplace with a good book and a glass of wine while still enjoying your own backyard, then you already know the value an outdoor fireplace can bring to your home.

A custom fireplace adds a special ambience to your outdoor living space, and best of all, it’s designed around your own individual and unique tastes. Here are some ideas to inspire your custom outdoor fireplace design:

Freestanding Fireplace

Gorgeous Custom Outdoor Fireplace Designs for your Newton MA Home

Though lots of outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are built within pavilions or other outdoor structures, a freestanding outdoor fireplace makes a gorgeous addition to your space. A freestanding fireplace can serve as a bold focal point in a landscape, and when built with an old world look, can even resemble some sort of stone-age monolith.

Don’t forget to consider a seating area to accommodate your guests. This too can include natural elements - a boulder rock wall flanking the fireplace, for example, or a natural stone floor that forms a detached patio specifically for your fireplace area. A small storage area can also be built into the side of this structure to store wood. If you’re into bold gestures, a monolithic, freestanding fireplace may be just the thing for your backyard transformation.


A Fireplace with Curves

Constructing curved low walls to enclose your fireplace area is an ideal way to create a unique seating area while simultaneously adding aesthetic appeal. The low walls themselves can either double as seating space or create an intimate setting for the placement of outdoor sofas and armchairs. The curved walls introduce an organic element to the area which can be reflected in the construction of the fireplace by including arches or a rounded edge design. This design is ideal for homes with freeform pools. The fireplace area will reflect the curves of the flowing pool design while placing the elements of water and fire in stark contrast to one another.

Multiple Materials for Visual Interest

Consider incorporating multiple materials of varying color or texture to create contrast in your fireplace design. This may include banding, coping, and a main body constructed of units of complementary colors. By including accents that are reflected in the colors of the surrounding hardscape or adjacent home, the fireplace can effectively be tied into the entire landscape design. Consider, for example, coping that matches the roof of your home, banding that matches your patio floor, and a body that complements the vertical elements of your hardscape or the siding of your home.


Sleek and Modern

For a sleek, modern design, consider a fireplace that relies on strong horizontal lines, clean angles and crisp edges. A modern design can incorporate smooth materials such as polished granite for an uncluttered look, or include more highly textured materials to contrast with the surrounding modern architecture.