7 Laying Patterns for a Stunning Paver Patio

As you embark on the process of creating your new paver patio, choosing materials and defining the space aren’t the only steps in the planning process. Deciding on a paver laying pattern gives you even further design freedom and unique style possibilities that can make a huge impact on the final look of your project. Whether you choose to include a simple, elaborate, or combination pattern for your paver patio in Waltham, MA, allow a professional to help guide the design and offer his expertise in which pattern might be best suited to your landscape.

Running Bond

7 Laying Patterns for a Stunning Paver Patio in Waltham, MA

Running bond is a traditional option for brick, brick-style or rectangular pavers. The running bond pattern consists of pavers laid end to end with the joint of the pavers on either side aligned with the centre of the central run. This pattern is popular because of its simplicity and traditional aesthetic. You will also find that the linear aesthetic can make areas seem wider while also directing the eye away from the patio and toward nearby architecture or features that you’d like to emphasize. The running bond pattern can also be incorporated into curved or meandering walkways and hardscaped features.


Strong and durable, the herringbone pattern is often used for areas of frequent and heavy traffic. Used for patios, the herringbone pattern creates a lively space owing to the criss-crossing lines that are created. In this pattern, contractors lay pavers in alternate vertical and horizontal angles. Not only is this option highly functional, it is also visually interesting and is often used in large areas to reduce monotony.

European Fan

A complex option, the European fan laying pattern results in a complex and remarkable finished product. Because of its intricacy and beauty, it is a popular option. If you want to set your patio to stun, discuss this laying pattern with your landscaping design professional.


The name of this pattern says it all. Pavers are laid in a circular pattern, requiring mortar, sand, or gravel to fill the wedge-shaped spaces between the pavers. Often used in conjunction with other pavers, this option is statement making and is great for creating an accent area within a larger space.


Basket Weave

Joining pairs of horizontal and vertical pavers, the basket weave pattern is interesting and calming in aesthetic. Many homeowners may choose to vary the colors for further interest. Employing this pattern provides multiple options in terms of design - designating outdoor spaces, including a “rug” area for outdoor furniture placement, or directing the gaze toward or away from particular features. Less popular now than it once was, this option is often considered vintage, but it maintains a distinct and classic appeal.


Combinations Work Too

Whether you choose to stick with a minimalist running bond pattern throughout your patio or combine several different layouts and paver options, consult with a professional to ensure that your design works functionally and aesthetically. You will find that with a knowledgeable professional’s assistance, your design will be complementary to your home and landscape while maintaining your own tastes regarding the design of your patio.