Choosing a Landscape Design Style in MA

The landscape of your property affects the curb appeal and value of your home. In addition to the financial benefits, however, the landscape outside of the home structure affects your experience of your property. Choosing a landscape design style for your home in Westford, MA, may seem simple, but many factors can influence this decision. Here are some things to consider when deciding on a style for your landscape:

Architectural Style of Home

The existing bones of your home will play a significant part in determining an appropriate style for your landscape. By determining the architectural style in question, you can identify suitable options for the yard’s design. For example, a home with a modern style will naturally fit with a contemporary landscape, but you might be surprised that a Japanese, Xeriscape, tropical, desert, and other options would also be appropriate.

Key to this decision is how important the architecture is to your choice and how much you’d like it to be highlighted. Also important to note is that the style chosen for the landscape should not actively detract from the architecture of the home. Whether your home is traditional or has a specific architectural style, key features can be reflected in the landscape to highlight your home’s unique flair.


Region of Residence

Choosing a Landscape Design Style in Westford, MA

The region in which you live will also have an effect on your choice. For example, here in Massachusetts, you wouldn’t likely find a tropical style landscape, but it isn’t unheard of. Typically, you will see landscaping styles that suit the climate and history of the region; however, defying convention and paying homage to a different style or place may be an outlier but isn’t outlawed. If wide appeal is your aim, staying within the bounds of expectations of your neighborhood would be wise, so you might choose a coastal theme rather than going fully tropical with your design plans. Choosing whether to fully embrace the area in which you live or to blend it with a more traditional landscape is up to the preferences of the homeowners.


Personality of Homeowners

Just as the architectural style of the home and region of residence will affect the choice of landscape design style, the preferences of the homeowners - based on their personalities - will do so as well. The intensity of this influence will depend largely on the commitment to staying put versus priority on resale value. Either way, the intentions for and activities planned within the landscape will affect the landscape style choice. When the goal is relaxation, look to designs that invite calm and peace such as Zen styles or even something more rustic. For those who embrace sophistication and straight lines, a modern landscape design is more appropriate, and for homeowners with a romantic side, look to English, Cape Cod, and even Country styles. Combining styles can also produce an interesting look for the adventurous.

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