Matching Your Walkway Paver to Your Landscape Design Style

Complementing your home’s architecture with your landscape design is essential for achieving a cohesive aesthetic for your property. Reaching this level of unity requires consideration of the materials, placement, and consistency of both softscapes and hardscapes. Walkways in your landscape physically connect the various areas of your property, and so serve a significant functional purpose. However, walkways also connect the areas visually, so complementing your landscape design with the choice of paver for walkways in Amherst, NH, is essential.

Modern and Minimalist

For a contemporary home, the landscape will likely reflect the appearance of the home with tendencies toward minimalism and embracing of clean lines and right angles. A walkway of this style requires pavers without an intricate pattern. While the pattern might include a sporadic pop of interest, this accent would be occasional rather than frequent. The best paver for this purpose is one that is large format and square or plank-like rectangular pavers with a smooth surface texture. This helps to encourage the appearance of straight lines and a clean uncluttered surface. Straight and direct walkways are also common with this landscape theme, although occasional sweeping curves can be added to soften the look.


Coastal and Cottage Living

For homes that are reminiscent of cottage or beach living, natural rock or earthy, natural-looking walkway pavers are appropriate. These pavers offer subtle elegance, not flashy or commanding, but seemingly natural to the environment. Whether recently installed or years in existence, this walkway should seem to have been borne of nature. Light-colored pavers will minimize the absorption of heat for bare foot living while also highlighting the greenery of your softscapes and contributing to a coastal feel. For cottage themed landscapes, meandering walkways made of flagstone or similar material is ideal, while coastal themes often incorporate wide stretches of sandstone or similar sandy gold pavers.


Rustic Elegance

Matching Your Walkway Paver to Your Landscape Design Style in Amherst NH

Admired and romantic, rustic themes reflect a return to authenticity and nature. Pavers with a brick, cobblestone or natural stone appearance fit this design style appropriately. The walkway should connect your landscape spaces without becoming the feature of the design as a whole. Rich, earthy colors play well in this style. Opt for a charming, randomized pattern to give your rustic walkway a sense of character and visual interest.

The Brick Home Conundrum

For red brick homes, walkway paver options are a bit trickier. While the go-to instinct might be to choose a red brick style paving option for the walkway, you face two problems. First, finding an exact match is difficult. The color may never match exactly, and the discrepancy can be disconcerting. Fading that occurs naturally over time will further this difference. Secondly, the overuse of one size and style for the home’s construction and the landscape may become overpowering. Instead, you can choose light colored pavers with a natural stone aesthetic to complement your home. Another combination that works well with brick is the cool greys and blues of bluestone.

When finding a good match for your home and landscape, the advice of a professional in the industry can be indispensable; he or she will have the education and experience to guide you toward a paver and walkway style that will truly complement your home and property.