Get Your Outdoor Kitchen Ready for Summer Entertaining in Amherst NH

If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, you know what a burden it can be to make countless trips between the home and grill. Outdoor kitchens are not only revolutionary in the way that they simplify outdoor entertainment, they also contribute a lot to the energy of a pool party or summer barbeque. Install or upgrade your very own outdoor kitchen this summer, and add a new dimension to your outdoor living in Amherst, NH.

Life of the party

There are various ways in which the layout and design of your outdoor kitchen can invite people to gather around it. Lining the edge of your countertop with bar stools, for example, can serve as an invitation to mingle with the chef and watch the food being prepared. A fire pit, comfortable chairs and television sets can also lure guests towards the kitchen. Remember to have plenty of counter space fitted into your outdoor kitchen so that eager guests can lend a hand preparing the food. Many people enjoy watching, or being involved, in food preparation.

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A safe space

It is of utmost importance that your kitchen doesn’t present any hazards to you, your family or friends. Small precautions that can be made include keeping hot appliances away from areas where children like to play, or where people tend to walk. If appliances are installed underneath overhead structures, such as pergolas, it should be ensured that the spaces are adequately ventilated. Materials that become slippery when wet are not suitable for outdoor kitchens and should be avoided. The entire vicinity should also be well-lit at all times. Read on to discover the aesthetic potential of landscape lighting.

Soft lighting

In addition to keeping you safe, landscape lighting can have immense effects on the ambience and aesthetic of your outdoor kitchen. Soft lighting, in the form of lanterns or low-intensity bulbs, can transform a functional kitchen into a warm, inviting space with a cozy atmosphere. Whimsical tea candles can also be scattered throughout an outdoor kitchen, adding character and a taste of indoor comfort to the design.

Fun accessories

Get Your Outdoor Kitchen Ready for Summer Entertaining in Amherst NH

Outdoor kitchens are typically fitted with convenient appliances like refrigerators, grills and warming trays. Sinks and plenty of counter space are also staple features of any functional outdoor kitchen. There are various fun accessories that can also make an outdoor kitchen more welcoming and increase its potential to keep guests engaged and entertained. A beer tap and mini fridge designated for drinks, for example, can have guests returning to the kitchen. A pizza oven can also add a new, fun element to outdoor cooking. Elements reminiscent of indoor spaces, such as ceiling fans and televisions, can also make outdoor kitchens more comfortable and unique.

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The perfect location

An outdoor kitchen situated relatively close to the home can facilitate convenient trips to the indoor kitchen, in search of spices or utensils. A fully independent outdoor kitchen, however, can be placed anywhere within the landscape. Surrounding your outdoor kitchen with cozy gathering spots and fire pits can help to anchor it as the center of the patio, around which the rest of your outdoor entertainment can unfold.

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