How to Improve Safety and Security of Your Landscape with Outdoor Lighting in Amherst NH

Proper landscape lighting can radically improve the aesthetics and functionality of your Amherst, NH home. It also plays a pivotal role in keeping your yard free of accidents and thwarting intruders. With a proper lighting plan, your landscape can be as usable and safe at night as it is during the day.

Keep walkways well lit

Keeping your driveways and walkways well lit is probably the foremost step in any lighting plan. Paved paths generally offer the most direct and safest route towards entrances of the home and the different areas of your yard, making it important to highlight them at night. Path lights are designed specifically for this task and ensure that no one wanders into the shrubs, planters or flower beds bordering your walkways. Moreover, post lights along the driveways ensure that your home’s entrance can be navigated with ease without the need for blinding headlights.

It is generally a good idea to use a larger number of low powered lights rather than a small number of bright lights, as the subtle lights tend to draw less attention while still keeping your yard well lit. Brighter lights also tend to create deeper shadows, especially if your paths are lined with shrubs or trees, providing the perfect locations for perpetrators to hide.

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Integrate lighting into your hardscaping

Hiring a contractor such as Northern Light Landscape Contractors who will keep your lighting requirements in mind when designing and installing hardscaping is an easy

How to Improve Safety and Security of Your Landscape with Outdoor Lighting in Amherst NH

way to keep primary parts of your yard safely lit. Whether it’s your patio, perimeter walls, outdoor kitchen or gazebo, we offer a wide variety of lighting solutions to cater for all. Perimeter walls, in particular, offer a great platform for a combination of recessed and post lights, giving the entire area a subtle glow. Likewise, recessed lights can also be integrated into your deck and outdoor kitchen construction. Patios can be host to a diverse set of lighting solutions, especially if they are in close proximity to a wall. This allows them to be easily lit using mini floodlights or wall mounted security lights. Not only does this mitigate intruders from approaching your home, but it also ensures your patio furniture and outdoor appliances are less prone to theft.

Go high tech

With LED lighting technology becoming mainstream, modern landscaping security lighting manufacturer’s are integrating a lot of smart features into their designs. Motion sensing technology is becoming more reliable and easier to tune, making it an essential asset for any security focused lighting plan. Not only does it help with improving the electrical efficiency of your lights, but it also allows you to utilize high voltage lights without causing excessive light pollution. The higher efficiency of LED lights has also allowed solar powered lighting solutions to seep into the mainstream. Not only are these lights more efficient, but they are also easier to install without the need for routing wiring. These make it easier to light up dark areas far away from the mains, while also offering a backup in case of power outages. The lack of visible wiring also makes them less prone to tampering and easier to install at heights.

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