5 Questions to Ask Your Hollis, NH, Landscaper

Before beginning any landscape project in your Hollis, NH, backyard, you need to find a trustworthy and qualified landscape contractor. But how can you make sure that you have found the right company for your Hollis, NH, job? By asking a series of questions, you’ll be able to narrow your choices to the right landscaper for your project.

The Landscape Process

5 Questions to Ask Your Hollis, NH, Landscaper

The first step is the design phase, the phase where you look around your yard and decide what you want. A landscape contractor you interview may use this time to make suggestions that are specific to your climate and terrain. For instance, it will need to be determined whether the soil you have needs additional nutrients to foster a healthy softscape and whether your project requires extensive excavation.

During the construction phase the contractor’s crew will remove any unnecessary plants and grass, while ensuring that the ground is level and any water will run away from your home. Then, any hardscape features will be put into place and the final touches—such as landscape lighting—will be made before you can enjoy your new landscape at last.

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Asking the Tough Questions

Knowing the process will open up the questions that need to be asked for choosing your landscaper. Consider making these six queries:

Who will be my dedicated contact person throughout the process?

Never underestimate how important it is to have an open line of communication throughout your landscape project. This minimizes confusion and misunderstandings, and will help to keep your project running smoothly.

Do you have examples of recent work, and may I contact previous clients?

Seeing a landscape contractor’s work in real life can make all the difference for you, since a plan on paper can differ substantially from what you see in person. Also, if you can talk to previous clients, this can give you a good feel for how your project will go.

What are your qualifications and certifications?

While you’ll want to stay within your budget, the price estimate should not be the only determining factor. The broad experience a contractor brings to your project is crucial to having it turn out the way you want. Certifications mean that the contractor is in good standing with qualifying organizations and employs best practices.

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Are you bonded and fully insured?

It’s best not to making assumptions about insurance policies of companies you do not know. You don’t want to be stuck with a big, unexpected bill from an accident or unplanned complication—a reputable company will be willing to pass on their insurance information.

Do you offer a warranty on your work?

Most landscape contractors offer a warranty on their work, but be sure to understand what is and is not covered so there is no confusion. If the contractor does not offer some kind of warranty, you can find a landscape company that does.

You want a landscape company that stays on top of the latest design trends, and makes an effort to keep their designs fresh and current. Finding the best contractor to bring your outdoor ideas to life can take some time, but having these questions to ask should help to simplify the process.