Give Your Hollis, NH, Paver Patio a Facelift with These Landscape Design Ideas

Your Hollis, NH, paver patio may be the favored spot in your backyard, but it could get even more attention with some sprucing up. Turn your existing patio up a notch with additional landscape design features. Consider these ideas for giving your patio a facelift.


What could be missing from your favorite hardscape is a walkway that ties in the patio with the rest of your landscape, to create a fully formed backyard living area. You could have a matching paver walkway installed. Walkways are an excellent way to keep a landscape looking fresh, organized, and well-kept. They create a natural-looking barrier for plantings and divisions for the different aspects of your yard.

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Fire Pits & Outdoor Fireplaces

Nothing says “cozy” quite like an outdoor fire. Consider including a well-constructed fire pit or outdoor fireplace on your paver patio. These landscape design features are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Ideal for entertaining guests, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces become the focal point of any backyard and are an inviting resource for gatherings. Fire features come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials for tailoring them to your exact taste.

Add Levels

If your current layout allows, consider incorporating different levels into your patio. This adds height to your landscape design and further delineates the various areas of your yard, such as the space around your pool and the area where you retire for evening drinks. Landscape contractors can work with this concept to present ideas on how to seamlessly add levels with the hardscapes you already have in place.

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Outdoor Kitchens

Give Your Hollis, NH, Paver Patio a Facelift with These Landscape Design Ideas  

Creating an outdoor kitchen has major payoff benefits. You have a multitude of design options for creating the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. We offer a variety of size, color, and paver choices to ensure that we can create a suitable outdoor kitchen for any client. With our knowledge, experience, and expertise, we can take your ideas and transform them into a plan that will properly fit your existing landscape layout.

Pool Decks

Spruce up your existing paver patio by incorporating a stylish a sleek pool deck. If you don’t already have one, considering adding this feature to bring more life to your backyard area and create a wonderful entertainment space. With a variety of paver colors and styles, a pool deck can match your existing patio or provide a sleek contrast, depending on your preferences.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls may be the most versatile feature in a landscape. They’re multifunctional and can provide a variety of benefits, such as erosion control, privacy, or beautification. Retaining walls can work especially well with a paver patio to create a clean and organized looking border. This will not only create boundaries within your outdoor living space but will also provide a level of safety, especially on raised patios. Retaining walls can also mesh a garden or flower bed with the edge of any patio without creating a cluttered appearance. Retaining walls can be both straight or curved to match your vision and personal preference.