Outdoor Kitchen Roof and Covering Ideas for Your Backyard Landscaping in Concord, NH

An outdoor kitchen brings functionality and useability to the outdoors of your Concord, NH, home. While you could choose to go for an uncovered design, covered backyard kitchens allow you to use them throughout the year in all kinds of weather. They also provide a private, intimate atmosphere and a cosy ambience. Here are some outdoor kitchen roof and covering ideas for your backyard landscaping:

Pergolas That Wow

Pergolas not only provide shade, they are also an attractive feature to add to a hardscape. Pergolas help to visually set portions of a patio apart and can keep your outdoor kitchen seperate from dining or entertainment areas. A pegola typically has a louvered roof that provides some degree of shade, however it can be fitted with a covering that can retract, or be pulled back, depending on your mood, the type of gathering, or the direction of the sunlight. Canvas or tarp, curtains, trailing plants, and even fiberglass are all cover options. With the latter you can have something like a sun roof, where light easily flows into your outdoor kitchen. Pergolas can be an excellent structure for mounting lights too, giving you varying lighting options to add to the overall allure and romance of these beautiful structures.

Outdoor Kitchen Roof and Covering Ideas for Your Backyard Landscaping in Concord, NH  

Solid and Hardwearing

During outdoor gatherings, it’s important that the chef not be left out of the festivities. Comfortable seating can help to encourage guests to join the chef in the kitchen to help or watch the food being prepared. In addition, a solid covering can help to keep guests comfortable in the outdoor kitchen. A solid roof covering will stand up well against harsh weather, and offers maximum protection against sunlight and precipitation. Up the intrigue and the beautiful look of a solid roof covering with natural stone or concrete pillars and footings supporting the roof.

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Gazebos Make It Easy

The beauty of outdoor kitchens is that you can set them up practically anywhere in your backyard. Wherever they are, as long as they are easily accessible via pathways or walkways, people will come. Gazebos provide an excellent location for cooking and enjoying the fresh air while remaining protected from harsh rays.

Umbrellas for More Than Rain

Another, simple way to do this is with large sun umbrellas for your patio. This is a fun idea to go with, as these umbrellas can be changed on a whim to match a new style or patio makeover. You can choose from a vast variety of styles, patterns, and sizes, and if you’re tired of one look, opt for another set and just like that you’ve replaced the old look with one that’s fresh and new.

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Mix and Match

As most outdoor kitchens also feature an outdoor dining area, you can mix and match covering ideas. The prep and cooking area, for example, could be covered by a solid roof, while the dining area might feature a wooden pergola with dangling lights. A combination of covering styles can help to maintain interest and keep larger portions of your hardscape sheltered and comfortable.