Landscape Design Ideas for Beautiful Seating Walls in Amherst, NH

A beautiful landscape design needs more than just a few pieces of furniture placed in a way that seems convenient. Using materials that complement the style of the home and patio to create seating walls can help to create a sense of cohesiveness and permanence. Built-in seating can inject style into the landscape and help to make the space more organized too. Here are some ideas for adding seating walls to your landscape in Amherst, NH:

Multiple Living Areas

Landscape Design Ideas for Beautiful Seating Walls in Amherst, NH

Dividing the outdoor living space into independent rooms can help to make better use of the space of your backyard. Built-in seating provides the opportunity to frame a patio space while adding to its usability. By using matching stone or concrete units throughout your backyard spaces, the transition from one room to another can look and feel more natural. Add to this a matching fire pit or a small water feature and you have the ingredients for vibrant and charming backyard spaces. Hollow seating walls can also provide additional storage for items such as throw cushions, firewood, candles and pool toys, allowing for a less cluttered backyard. 

Small Backyard Makeover

Many homeowners enjoy the flexibility that moveable patio furniture offers. Individual pieces of furniture allow for fresh arrangements, and can be frequently replaced to regularly create a different backyard aesthetic. However, if dealing with a smaller patio, multi-purpose hardscape features, such as seating walls, allows for the smart and effective use of the space, opening up the opportunity for larger features such as a fire pit, fountain or grill. In addition, key pieces of moveable furniture can then be incorporated, and will have a greater impact. For example, an aged, country-style table, or modern, hanging bucket chair will become a focal point if fewer pieces of furniture are used and permanent seating provides the bulk of your backyard’s seating space.

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For additional visual impact, consider utilizing characterful natural stone or richly textured concrete units for your seating wall. Stone veneer is also an excellent option and can allow for easy remodeling if you’re excited by making frequent changes to your outdoor living spaces. 

From Old-World to Modern

One of the most important elements of permanent seating is the coping. Coping provides a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing finish to seating walls. By choosing a coping option that matches the style of your home and hardscape, your Northern Lights Landscape Contractor can create a seamless landscape. In addition, coping can be used to add a modern touch to an otherwise Old-World aesthetic. A smooth coping option with a fine edge is ideal for creating comfortable seating and adding a touch of modernity to your landscape. 

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Coping Colors

The color of the coping option that is chosen can have a massive effect on the overall aesthetic of the landscape. For maximum effect, consider pairing deep, dark shades with lighter walls and subtle, sandy tones with dark walls. Additional color can be added by incorporating banding that complements the colors of the wall and coping. Seating walls allow the contractor and homeowner to explore different decorative options and get creative with cutting-edge color and finishes.