How to Style Your Westford, MA, Outdoor Kitchen with Countertops and Cabinets

There are so many ways to style your Westford, MA outdoor kitchen. Just changing the countertops and cabinets will provide a whole new look. Your outdoor kitchen should be designed to meet your cooking needs, but you can add personality with the finishing touches. Try some of these countertop and cabinet combinations to create an outdoor kitchen that enhances your landscape theme.

Always Start with Good Design

Whatever your landscape style, your outdoor kitchen should start with careful planning and good design. Northern Lights Landscape Contractors can help you create a space that’s both functional and user-friendly. A well-planned kitchen will have areas for prep-work, cooking, cleaning and storage.
There are three common layouts for outdoor kitchens. The standard designs include an island or straight-line kitchen, an L-shaped kitchen, and a U-shaped kitchen. Available space, and your cooking and entertaining requirements, will determine which style is best suited for your family and your landscape. Once the design and layout of your kitchen are complete, you can style your kitchen to complement your landscape theme. 

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Cabinets for outdoor kitchens are available in a selection of different materials. Stainless steel is a popular option, but cabinets made from a variety of wood, such as teak, bamboo and even reclaimed lumber are also available. 


How to Style Your Westford, MA, Outdoor Kitchen with Countertops and Cabinets

An outdoor kitchen with modern conveniences can easily be styled to suit a traditional landscape. You can disguise your outdoor kitchen with a classic brick and mortar finish for a traditional design, for example. Create consistency by selecting a brick that matches your home. Or choose an accent color or stone that coordinates with other hardscaping materials in your landscape. 

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There are a variety of countertop options that will suit a traditional kitchen. Coordinating brick veneer with a countertop with curved edges can create a more traditional feel. For a simple but clean look, smooth concrete countertops will provide contrast and a good working surface. 
Stainless steel cabinets look great with a classic brick kitchen. But if you’re searching for a less modern option, powder-coated aluminum cabinets and drawers offer less shine.  

An outdoor kitchen is the perfect addition to a contemporary landscape. Clean lines and sophisticated finishes will help define your modern outdoor kitchen. Most outdoor appliances are stainless steel, which works well with a contemporary design.  
Wood cabinets and facing provide a sleek, modern look that will transform your outdoor kitchen. For a really modern kitchen, opt for a complete stainless steel set-up. Stainless steel cupboards and facing will give your kitchen an industrial feel.  
Granite countertops are durable and hold up well to extreme weather. They also provide an excellent surface for cooking and cleaning, as granite doesn’t stain or absorb smells. Whether polished or rough cut, granite creates modern-looking countertops that function beautifully in an outdoor setting.


If you want your backyard to feel like you’re stepping into the country, a rustic outdoor kitchen will help create that feeling. Plenty of wood and lots of natural stone work together to form rustic outdoor spaces.

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Consider a combination of dry stacked stone and wooden cabinets for your rustic kitchen. There are so many choices for stunning stone countertops, and almost all of them will look great in a rustic style kitchen. Granite, soapstone or concrete are all attractive and durable options.