Perk Up your Concord, NH, Landscape Design with a Beautiful Fire Pit and Seating Wall

Almost everyone enjoys relaxing outside, especially in the evening when the weather is nice. But it is also wonderful to enjoy the yard when the weather is chilly. A beautiful fire pit and seating wall can encourage your family and friends to get outdoors, away from the laptops, video games and streaming movies. Here are five reasons to perk up your Concord, NH, landscape design with a fire pit and low seating wall.


Gathering around the fire pit can be a catalyst for family fun or late evening conversation with friends. If you love to have parties, a fire pit can provide not only warmth, but coziness. The glow that accompanies a fire is unmatched for ambiance, bringing an intimacy to your patio area. And the fact that the fire can be reached from any angle only increases the appeal.


There is something relaxing about gazing into the flames of a fire to relieve the stress of the day. You can almost feel your stress level go down as you sink into an outdoor chair to enjoy the blazing warmth and cozy night atmosphere. Comfortable furniture can provide a spot to lounge and enjoy a nightcap or hot cocoa.

Extends Your Home

Gatherings that spill outside to a patio lit with twinkle lights and a fire can be the best. Having a fire pit to light as part of your backyard entertaining would surely bring people outside to delight in the fun setting and company. A fire pit can also extend the day. When it gets dark in the evening, a fire pit can make it possible to enjoy even more time outdoors.

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Gas or Wood

Perk Up your Concord, NH, Landscape Design with a Beautiful Fire Pit and Seating Wall

A wood burning fire pit is one of the least expensive upgrades you can make to your yard. Once the wood has caught fire, all you have to do is add logs. The popping sounds of the wood burning can bring back memories of camping with family, or laughing with friends as you gathered around a fire.

Today you don’t only have a wood burning fire pit to choose from. If you don’t want the mess of wood, gas fire pits can give you the ability to light a fire at the flip of a switch. The flames can be adjusted easily and there is no smokey smell left once it is extinguished. Gas fire pits can be perfect for those with allergies or respiratory problems who love the idea of taking pleasure in an outdoor fire.

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Seating Wall

A seating wall can be the perfect addition to a fire pit area. Providing additional seating for parties and large family gatherings, a seating wall boasts a flat surface on the top to increase seating space. A stone seating wall will help to create a defined space for entertaining, especially if the fire pit forms the center of the outdoor area. A seating wall also allows you to continue the textured aesthetic of your fire pit and add vertical interest to the area. Add some green plants and flowering bushes and you have elevated the look of your fire pit room.