Top 5 Landscape Design Tips That Will Help You Sell Your Home in Lexington, MA

When readying their house for the market, homeowners in Lexington, MA, are more likely to give most of their attention to interior improvements when they should devote some of their focus to what’s outside. The fact is, potential buyers make assumptions about a house as soon as they drive up to it. The state of the landscaping seals their first impression as they quickly surmise whether the overall property has been well maintained over the years. With so much riding on that first impression, you need these landscape design tips for sprucing up and selling your Lexington, MA, home:

Clean Up Your Landscape

Top 5 Landscape Design Tips That Will Help You Sell Your Home in Lexington, MA

One of the first things that a potential buyer notices about a home is the lawn. Lush, green grass is an eye-catcher! The lawn should be mowed down to no less than two inches in height, as any lower can damage the roots. It needs to be fertilized and watered to keep the grass healthy. Any dead or unattractive shrubbery should be removed—it is better to have fewer shrubs than many unhealthy ones. Also have the tree limbs trimmed of any stray or low-hanging branches. Consider adding some flowering annuals to the beds that flank your front door and walkway, to create a pretty approach to the front door.

Spruce Up Your Sidewalk

Most buyers are rightfully put off by a cracked sidewalk or a walkway with weeds sprouting from its jagged lines. Repairing the entry walkway is a must, especially if the cracking is large and can cause visitors to trip. Consider resurfacing the sidewalk in a lasting stone paver that complements your overall landscape design. Have the weeds cleaned up from the landscape beds that border the walkway, and see if it’s time to add fresh mulch. Even if there are no plants along the walkway, fresh ground cover looks neat and clean.

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Pay Attention to Your Driveway

In the same way that a smooth and attractive walkway leads buyers to your door, a level and enticing driveway adds value and appeal to your home. A driveway in a dull concrete color with uneven surfaces from cracking certainly does nothing to encourage buyers to look inside the home.

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Don’t Forget the Side Yard

It is easy to give most of your attention to the front yard as it is the first part of the landscape that potential buyers see, but the side yard is usually just as visible. It may also be the most neglected, if that’s where your air conditioning unit or storage shed sits. Be sure this area is cleaned up of unnecessary toys, garden implements, and trash. Consider planting inexpensive evergreen shrubs or trees along the property line to create privacy from the neighbors.

Give Some Love to the Backyard, Too

Once you have enticed potential buyers into your house, they will end up seeing the backyard at some point. You have incentive to give them something back there that they will fall in love with. Clean and simple will always be in style, so removing any unsightly bushes and trees is smart. Patios are a strong selling point as most buyers envision themselves eating with family and friends outside. Another option is to consider upgrading the patio with some freshly laid stone pavers for a more modern look that potential buyers will find hard to resist.