A Landscaper's Tips for Winterizing your Waltham, MA, Outdoor Kitchen

As winter weather looms, it’s time to formulate a plan to winterize your outdoor kitchen in Waltham, MA. Neglecting this task can result in potentially expensive repairs once the weather warms and you are ready to cook outside again.  So, here are a landscaper’s tips for winterizing your outdoor kitchen and appliances:


After a summer’s worth of use, most grills could benefit from a good cleaning.  Grease build-up and sooty residue collect in the grates and pan, and if left there, will freeze into a mucky mess.  Have the grates scrubbed with a wire brush and sprayed with oven cleaner to be rid of the cooked on bits. The burners should be cleaned gently and tested to ensure that there are no clogs or drippings left over to hinder the gas flames.  Have the exterior of the grill scrubbed with a degreaser, and then rubbed well with vegetable oil to protect the metal. The gas line should also be disconnected.

A Landscaper's Tips for Winterizing your Outdoor Kitchen in Waltham, MA

Refrigerator and Wine Cooler

The refrigerator and cooler should be emptied of any food and leftover beverages.  The shelves can be removed and cleaned with warm water and soap. The interior of the appliances should be wiped down and the dry shelves replaced. The toe plate should be removed to sweep or vacuum any dirt and debris that has found its way underneath. The toe plate can be buffed with stainless steel polish for protection against the harsh winter weather.  Don’t forget to have the water line drained and the power to the ice maker shut off.

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The water lines to the sink should also be shut off and all residual water should be drained out.  Have the sink cleaned well with an appropriate cleanser for the surface. Covering the sink can keep leaves, dirt and snow from clogging the drain when you are ready to open the kitchen once more.

Cabinets and Countertops

Remove any food from the cabinets and check for expiration dates.  If the cabinets are stainless steel, rub them well with a high quality stainless polish.  Wood cabinets require sealing with an excellent cabinet oil. A sealer and polish for stone countertops can protect them from the cold weather and stains from falling debris.  


Begin by having any stains that may have occurred over the summer treated with a stone cleaner or paste.  Using a soft bristled brush, a landscape maintenance professional will scrub the surface to remove dirt and small spots. The surface will then be rinsed well and allowed to dry.  Avoid pressure cleaning as this can cause damage to the floor surface.

Outdoor Furniture

Tables and chairs that have seen a long season of use can also last longer and look fresher if cleaned before winter.  Purchasing covers for the dining table and chairs can keep bits of falling leaves and acorns from wedging in the cracks.   

Facing repairs for outdoor kitchen appliances after the winter season is not a great way to greet spring!  Taking the precautionary steps before wintry temperatures reach the area can yield dividends when warm weather returns and you are ready to enjoy fun times outside with friends and family.  

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