Introducing Stone Veneer to Boost your Interior Design in Hollis

If you’re interested in adding the look of natural stone to your Hollis, NH, home, but don’t want all the weight and bulk of natural stone building units, consider stone veneer. Thin stone veneer is more convenient to have installed and also more affordable than full stone but looks and feels like the real thing. Read on to learn how to include natural stone veneer in your interior design.

Why Use Stone Veneer

A stone wall or other stone feature will create a focal point in any room of your home. Natural stone adds texture to your interior and creates a cozy atmosphere. Stone veneer has the look and feel of real stone, but is much easier to work with due to its reduced size and weight. Because stone is sold by weight, stone veneer is also a more affordable option than full size stone. With so many different colors and textures available, stone veneer can complement any design style.


In the Kitchen

Introducing Stone Veneer to Boost your Interior Design in Hollis, NH

Stone veneer will add a dramatic touch to a variety of kitchen elements. It’s also heat resistant and easy to maintain so it is a safe choice for use in the kitchen. To add the look of stone to a kitchen without a lot of wall space, upgrade your backsplash from standard tile to a beautiful stone veneer. A recessed stove enclosure is a striking way to incorporate stone into your kitchen and creates the feel of a traditional stone oven. Consider stone veneer for your kitchen island, or opt for a full stone wall if you have a large kitchen.


Around the Bar

Adding stone veneer around a wet-bar will completely change the look of your bar area. Whether you opt for a few panels, a single wall, or an entire room, stone veneer will give your home bar a classy and luxurious feel. Adding panels of stone behind the bar will highlight your serving area. Installing stone veneer around the bar will add the look of stone without overpowering the entire room. A full stone veneer on the walls will give your bar the feel of an authentic pub.

Stone Fireplaces

A fireplace adds warmth, provides a spot to gather, and is often the focal point of a living space. Stone veneer is an excellent way to give your fireplace the look of natural stone without adding the bulk of full stones. Frame a wood burning fireplace with a natural stone to add dramatic impact. Have a stone surround installed behind your wood (or pellet) stove for a rustic cabin feel. For a more modern living room, a granite or slate veneer wall is the perfect finish for your fireplace surrounds. To create the look of a chimney on a gas or electric fireplace, extend the stone all the way up to the ceiling. Add a stone hearth to complete the look of a real fireplace.


Accent Walls

A stone accent wall can add interest and texture to any room of your house. A brick veneer will create the look exposed brick walls at a fraction of the cost. A stone wall in the basement can turn a dark space with no personality into a cozy haven.

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