Remodel your Walls and Doorways in Lexington with Stone Veneer

With stone veneer, you can make a significant difference to your Lexington, MA, home without having to go through a lengthy renovation process. Stone veneer allows you to completely change the look of walls and indoor features to give your indoor décor a brand new look. Here’s how:

Create Accent Walls

Remodel your Walls and Doorways with Stone Veneer in Lexington, MA

Initially developed in the 19th century, thin stone veneer has since been embraced by homeowners because of its ability to incorporate style and sophistication quickly and easily. Stone veneer is a lightweight material, perfect for areas that can’t bear the weight of thick stone and brick. By giving certain walls of your home the character of natural stone, stone veneer can transform said walls into the perfect accent pieces. This technique can also be used to highlight features in the foreground, such as fireplaces or moulding.

Accent walls can be incorporated this way throughout the home. Stone veneer can be used in the kitchen area to bring out beautiful wooden cabinetry or to convert a dull, ordinary bathroom wall into a work of art.

Stunning Doorways

Stone veneer adds character to your front entrance and doorways throughout the home, effortlessly creating a warm and welcoming feeling that matches contemporary, rustic, traditional, and abstract themes. Give your doorways an 18th or 19th century elegance, or a sleek modern boldness. Depending on your style preferences, you can opt for rounded Old World style stones, rugged, uniquely shaped pieces, or a more regular stacked look.

Versatility and Cost-Effectiveness

Stone veneers come in many shades, patterns, and designs. While natural stone veneer is far less expensive than incorporating full stone walls into the interior of your home, manufactured veneer will contribute even further savings. Natural stone veneer is made of real stone – limestone, sandstone, marble, slate, and granite, and is either quarried or collected (in the case of fieldstone). Both options are highly versatile and can be applied to most permanent architectural features within the home.



With the help of the Northern Lights indoor masonry team, it doesn’t have to take a lot of effort, time, and money to refresh the interior design of your home. The earthy elegance that natural stone veneer adds to the interior of your home is beyond comparison. Stone veneer adds that classic appeal to the décor, adding a glimpse of luxury while maintaining comfort and coziness. Its color variations are design-friendly, perfect for toning down bold-colored rooms or adding warmth, texture, or a pop of color to neutral schemes.


Aside from its aesthetic value, stone veneer serves as a protective, insulating layer to both interior and exterior walls. Stone veneer is a durable material that doesn’t fade and isn’t easily scratched or damaged. This makes stone veneer ideal for adding an added element of protection to entry rooms where painted walls often become scuffed and chipped. Stone veneer requires very little maintenance and can save you time and money during yearly repaints of your home.