Add Character to your Indoor Fireplace with Stone Veneer Masonry

Any well-designed indoor fireplace will usually assume its deserved position as the focal point of the room. While warming those chilly winter evenings, your fireplace enhances the cozy atmosphere and is truly a worthwhile addition to your Hollis, NH, home. Veneering your indoor fireplace and the surrounding wall with natural stone can have a variety of visual implications on the design of your room, because stone is so versatile and timeless that it can complement both traditional and contemporary decor. Regardless of your interior design, the diverse textures within a stone veneer will add visual interest to the room and truly personalize it. Here are a few different stone veneers, as well as tips on when to use them.

Ledgestone Veneers

This veneering pattern consists of thin strips of limestone that appear to be stacked. The stones, although they are all rectangular, have irregular edges and the rows of stacked stone generally don’t align. This enhances the natural appearance of the wall or fireplace. Incorporating such an authentic stone structure into a luxurious study or living room filled with plush upholstered chairs and carpets can create a striking contrast. You can even consider installing a television on the veneered wall above your fireplace, to further enhance the contrast created between elements of the indoors and outdoors. The small pieces of limestone used for this veneer are available in a variety of colors and textures, which allow them to complement a great variety of home designs.


Castle Stone Veneers

Add Character to your Indoor Fireplace with Stone Veneer Masonry in Hollis, NH

This veneer is created using flat stones with modest ridges and depressions on their surfaces that grant them a relaxed, natural look. The stones are obtained in rectangular shapes in various sizes and are arranged in a seemingly random, interlocking pattern. This veneering option is ideal for large fireplaces and walls, as the large stones prevent the design from appearing crowded. The interlocking grooves between stones are so precise that they make the surface appear groutless and incredibly elegant.

Split Face Veneers

Split face stones have been cut roughly in order to expose the underlying layers of stone. This results in the stones bearing rather monochromatic shades perfect for contemporary home designs. These stones can be obtained in regular, linear shapes and installed in a stacked fashion to complement other understated geometric elements within your modern decor. Their muted shades don’t necessarily mean that these stones will blend passively into the surrounding decor, however. Their pleasing textures will still contrast other sleek materials within the home.

Fieldstone Veneers

Fieldstone veneers are created using naturally occurring rock found within fields. These rocks are each unique and can be found bearing a wide variety of colors and textures. This veneer is an excellent candidate for rooms embracing the look of rustic materials like wicker furniture and distressed wood. It will contribute a vintage or Old European look to your fireplace and this will only be enhanced by the warm glow of a crackling fire. While a combination of different colored stones will make a veneer interesting, try for stones that subscribe to a single color palette for a cohesive design.