How a Mason Can Upgrade Your Bathroom in Laconia

Modern masonry is one of a number of rising trends in bathroom design. Your bathroom can be a comfortable and enjoyable environment, and choosing the right materials for its construction is key in ensuring that it has a welcoming atmosphere. Read on to find out why a mason might be the perfect professional to handle your Laconia, NH, bathroom renovation.


Masonry bathrooms are designed to be long-lasting and are often perfect combinations of style and practicality. They are most commonly comprised of concrete or stone units that have excellent levels of water resistance and durability. While materials like plaster and wood may swell or dent, stone will retain its shape despite daily wear-and-tear. Any scratches to its surface will also blend into the surrounding stone over time and go unnoticed.

An emphasis on modernity and style

How a Mason Can Upgrade Your Bathroom in Laconia NH

When many people think about masonry, they conjure up thoughts of old country homes and rustic firesides. While this aesthetic is achievable, you can also entrust a mason to create a bathroom that will give your bathroom the look and feel of a spa or luxury hotel.

Utilizing stone blocks or veneer and combining concrete masonry with natural stone, can enhance the relaxing atmosphere of your bathroom and transform it into a serene place devoted to leisure and personal care.


Designers have recently revived an interest in brick masonry in bathrooms, as stunning contrasts can be created between the rugged bricks and sleek tiled floors or smooth porcelain structures. Neat and uniform bricks can be laid in accurate bonds for a refined industrial look. Alternatively, burnt bricks that are darker in color and have an irregular shape can be used. Antique salvaged bricks, or bricks that have been artificially aged and tumbled, can create more striking contrasts and result in a more unique bathroom design. Pairing their organic textures with other sleek materials achieves a balance between rustic and contemporary themes.

Working with your existing bathroom

Uprooting your entire bathroom is not always possible when renovating its design. A mason’s selection of materials can range from plaster to stone and cement, depending on what will suit the foundations of your existing design. When it comes to adding permanent furnishings, like bathtubs, they can be prefabricated. However, most homeowners prefer that they be measured and designed exclusively for the existing shape of their bathroom. Sanitary fixtures, like washbasins, can be created using natural stone. This deviates from the classic porcelain standard and can add a unique touch to your bathroom.

Stone veneer is perhaps one of the most versatile masonry materials for bathroom remodeling, allowing a quick and effective transformation of walls, backsplash areas, showers, and built-in baths. Given stone veneer’s wide range of styles, this is an ideal option for an invigorating full-room transformation or the addition of attractive accent walls. Consider, for example, adding a refined touch to the wall behind your bath with subtly textured granite veneer to bring out the existing features of your bathroom.