Must-Have Outdoor Lighting Elements for a Backyard that Wows

As a homeowner you may work hard at choosing the right trees, shrubs and flowers for your Hollis, NH, outdoor areas, but there's one aspect of landscaping that you might be overlooking. Ask yourself this: “Have I thought about the way my landscaped areas look at night?”

Must-Have Outdoor Lighting Elements for a Hollis NH Backyard that Wows

As much time as you have spent on making your outdoor areas perfect, you want them to be spectacular both during the day and at night. But without the right kind of landscape lights, the beautifully planned hardscaped areas, the trees, plants and flowers, just won’t stand out. In fact, they all but disappear.

Landscape lighting bring the whole look together. It gives you that wow factor your outside areas need at night. You could very well say that it is the lighting that adds the finishing touches to an already great design. To help you make the most of your investment, we’ve put together 4 must-have outdoor concepts that can give your backyard landscape that special wow factor.

Add More than Just a Few Solar Lights

Landscape lighting is about more than just a few well-placed solar lights. A well-landscaped home requires as much thought and design creativity when it comes to outdoor lighting as the landscaping itself. Layers of ambient and decorative lighting are needed to create mood and atmosphere, while functional lighting is needed to light up task areas such as the bar and outdoor kitchen counters. To achieve this you’ll need a professional lighting plan and the right combination of outdoor lighting systems installed by an expert. This mixture of different lighting types and styles is what turns your daytime landscaped area into a magical place at night.

Figure Out What Use the Space Has In the Evening

Before you have your landscape lighting installed, you should first think about the kind of atmosphere you’d like to create and what the purpose of the space may be. Is your goal simply to illuminate your walkways and patios? Or maybe you want to highlight certain architectural features of your home, accenting and highlighting them to boost curb appeal? You might simply want to add landscape lighting to increase your home security. In any event, an expert can help you achieve these goals in the most effective and efficient way possible.


Cover the Basics

Entryways, driveways, steps, patios and any unique architectural feature you want to illuminate will need special attention when it comes to your lighting plan. Before you go for style, it’s sometimes best to make sure that all of these areas have some type of lighting. Additional ambient and decorative lighting can always be added later, building upon this solid base.

Timers and Dimmers

Setting your lighting to timers and dimmers can help ensure that your lights are always ready when you need them. You’ll also be able to conserve electricity this way by having them turn off automatically when the sun comes up. Dimmers are also a useful feature, ensuring that the light is adjustable to your level of comfort while using your outdoor spaces.