Getting the Most Out of Natural Light in your NH Landscaping

Natural light illuminates and amplifies the natural beauty and rich colors found in your Laconia, NH, landscaping projects. Landscaping elements such as shrubs, flowers, trees, fireplaces, water features, etc. light up in the sunshine to showcase vibrant colors and intricate textures which help create centers of attraction in your yard. Natural light also intensifies the foliage and greenery of softscapes to create a lusher natural setting.

Getting the Most Out of Natural Light in your Laconia, NH Landscaping

One way to get the most out of natural light in your landscape is to spend some time observing your landscape at different times of the day and consider where you can make changes to help make light a more central feature.

Observe where the light shines from, and if there are any structures blocking the source of natural light. Here are some ideas to maximize the amount and enhance the quality of natural light that your landscape spaces receive.

Wood Slats

Solid wood fences are often used as privacy or shade screens, however these can also make the space appear gloomy if natural light is not taken into consideration. Instead, spaces can be left between boards on a fence or overhead wooden structure to allow natural light to filter through while still providing screening and privacy. Boards of various widths can also be incorporated to create a more interesting pattern for your fence, trellis or pergola, so that when natural light comes through, the resulting shadows produce a layer of geometric interest.

Water’s Reflective Nature

Shade and shadow aren’t the only effects created by natural light that can enhance your landscaping design. Reflection is another key lighting effect. You can embrace this beautiful element by adding water features to your landscape. A flat surface of water creates a reflective plane for nearby trees and plants, and also has the ability to make a space look larger than it is. This effect works both ways, with trees and plants in your landscape being reflected on the water’s surface, creating beautiful mirror imagery.

Color and Light

The effect that natural lighting can play in your landscape largely depends on your use of color within the landscape. While dark shades are not greatly affected by light levels, bright colors can help you take full advantage of the light levels of the space. Brightly painted elements or plants with orange or yellow flowers help to highlight the bright and airy nature of the area.


Playing with Shadows

Shadows cast from natural light add an interesting dimension to your landscape aesthetic. Shadows change throughout the day depending on the position of the sun, so consider incorporating several elements designed to extend shadows in a beautiful and fun way at different points of the day following the sun’s position.

Strategically placed trees or hardscape features that are designed specifically to create extraordinary shadow effects can make a huge impact on the appearance of your landscape.


Creating and Altering the Effects of Shade

Natural light coming into the landscape can be manipulated to create interesting effects. Trees with a wide, healthy display of branches, for example, can create a gentle dappled lighting effect. Natural light filtering through shade cloth can also create a gentle, airy ambience that can enhance the atmosphere of your outdoor spaces.