Landscape Design Ideas for Sloping Terrain in MA

Landscape Design Ideas for Sloping Terrain in Waltham, MA

Many homeowners consider redesigning the slopes of their Waltham, MA, landscape an impossible landscape project. However, there are many ways to turn a challenging sloping terrain into a beautiful outdoor space. In most of the cases, erosion is the biggest issue. There are a few key techniques that professional designers make use of when looking for a solution to a backyard hill. Here are some ideas, tips and tricks to help you achieve maximum beauty with minimal maintenance.


Not every designer is skilled enough to find the right solution for the slope in your backyard. A project like this brings in question the stability of the landscape, so getting the help of a trusted company such as Northern Lights Landscaping is essential. Terracing and retaining walls work great in slowing down stormwater and providing stability to the soil. One effective option is including a series of smaller terraces instead of one or two large ones. This can also add to the visual depth and design potential of the space.


Add Movement with a Water Feature

A beautiful and practical way to take advantage of a slope is to add a waterfall feature. If the slope is shallow, you can incorporate a running stream. The babbling brook will create relaxing sounds of flowing water, control erosion, and help to manage moisture levels in the yard. This also limits the amount of bare ground that is exposed to rain and replaces it with a captivating feature that embraces that lay of the land.

Connect Levels with Stairways

A curving stairway will connect the levels in the backyard, minimize the severity of the slope in conjunction with retaining walls and help to make the area more navigable. Steps can also help to safely cut through an area where vegetation keeps the soil in place. If you are looking for a family friendly design, consider a stair design that includes railings incorporating materials such as stone and iron. This will also help to add elegance to the space.


Drought-resistant groundcovers and succulents are ideal for preventing erosion on steep grades and creating visual appeal. Plants will also make the hillside soil more stable and prevent valuable topsoil from being washed away every time it rains. Many homeowners choose to clear away trees and plantings from their sloping yard to get a better, clearer view. However, this is not always ideal because of how it can jeopardize the stability of the slope. A Northern Lights Landscaping consultant will be able to advise on which trees can be safely removed and which are valuable in keeping the slope stable.

There are many creative ways to help your sloped backyard come to life. The key is choosing plants that thrive on sloping terrain. A landscape professional will be able to determine the plants best suited to the location of the slope in terms of soil conditions, sun exposure, and water requirements. If maintaining or clearing a view is a concern, low-lying shrubs and hardy groundcover is best.