How a Mason Can Help You Achieve a Beautiful Backyard in Hollis

Aesthetics and durability are a winning combination for your Hollis, NH, backyard. Masonry is well known as one of the strongest forms of construction and involves the process of building structures from individual stone or concrete units. A mason uses materials such as brick, concrete blocks, and natural stone such as granite, limestone, and sandstone, to craft strong, beautiful structures. Here is what a skilled mason can do for your backyard:

Adding Elegance with Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is the ideal material for remodeling existing backyard structures or reducing construction costs on new builds. Natural stone veneer is typically more expensive than manufactured stone veneer – made mostly from concrete – but both can add an exquisite touch to low walls, sidings, steps, and even kitchen structures. This material adds a protective layer to the outside of the element that refreshes its appearance and adds a remarkable touch.

If you are aiming to create consistency between the interior and exterior of your home, stone veneer won’t fail to impress with its ability to provide an authentic appearance. Thin stone veneer offers natural, long-lasting beauty; it is reasonably priced and quick to install. The material comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors and can be laid in a variety of patterns. Aside from the quality of the materials used, the workmanship and laying pattern can substantially affect the quality of the entire structure. Allow Northern Lights Landscape Contractors to ensure flawless quality when it comes to your masonry.


Brick Fireplace or Fire Pit

A fireplace will add ambiance and completely transform your backyard into a cozy outdoor space, perfect for gatherings. With all of the available fireplace design options, brick remains an appealing material. Using brick for building comes with a significant benefit. Brick gives a structure a high degree of fire protection as it can withstand tremendous heat. A brick fireplace requires little maintenance apart from cleaning.


Brick or brick-style concrete units come in a wide range of styles, from rustic, burnt bricks to antique salvage bricks. One of the best things about using this material for your fireplace is the unique beauty that blends contemporary sophistication with traditional appeal.


Concrete or Natural Stone Retaining Walls

How a Mason can help you achieve a Beautiful Backyard in Hollis, NH

Retaining walls vary in strength and function. A skilled mason will be able to advise you on which material will be required for the purposes of your retaining wall. Natural stone retaining walls are typically fairly low with a medium load bearing capacity. However, larger pieces of stone can be incorporated to ensure a greater load bearing capacity. For a dry lay, boulder wall, or an impressive rustic natural stone look, a skilled mason should be employed to set the stones in place for maximum strength and aesthetic value. Certain concrete units, on the other hand, can withstand tremendous soil weights and be built to impressive heights. Contact a Northern Lights Landscape Contractors mason to discuss which material would be best suited to your retaining wall needs while maintaining the aesthetic you desire.