What a Professional Landscaper Can Do for Your Hollis Landscape

What a Professional Landscaper Can Do for your Hollis, NH, Landscape

Spring is the perfect time to turn your attention back to your landscape. However, if your busy schedule simply doesn’t include dusting off that lawnmower and spending hours outside, you’d be better off hiring a professional landscaper to tend to your outdoor oasis. Whether you’re redesigning your entire landscape, or simply require its upkeep perfected, this is how hiring a landscaper can benefit you.

Share years of experience

If you’re planning a backyard renovation, you’ll need a professional landscaper to deal with its logistics. There is an endless checklist of things to consider when landscaping a backyard, like which plants will thrive in the climate, how water will drain from the property, which areas receive excessive sun, and how much maintenance the end product will require. A landscaper will know which questions to ask, and how to answer them. They’ll know which plants will look best, and where they should be planted. They’ll know which trees to plant in order to make your home appear larger or smaller. They’ll even be able to address the concerns you never would have imagined, such as whether or not beds of mulch will be hazardous to your pet.


Hiring a landscaper to maintain your backyard comes with similar benefits. Your landscaper will know how to address any issues that may arise, such as poor drainage and spontaneous lawn death.

Open up your schedule

Lawns generally require weekly mowing, while the edging needs to be kept clean. Depending on the size of your lawn, you could find yourself working on it for hours. Pair that with other odd jobs like pruning the shrubs, watering the beds, weeding and mulching, and you’ll find that maintaining your landscape can consume most of your well-deserved weekend. Hiring a landscaper will enable you to relax knowing that your lawn is in capable hands, and will leave you with more free time to do the things that you enjoy. Landscapers are experienced and skilled at their trade, and will most likely complete the job in a fraction of the time.


Reduce your expenses

You most likely don’t own the equipment needed to mould and maintain your ideal landscape. These tools cost a small fortune, and incur routine maintenance costs. New seed, fertilizer, mulch, and pesticides will also need to be purchased annually, should you choose to take care of your own landscaping. You may also find that you spend a lot of money fixing the mistakes you make while learning the trade. While hiring a landscaper may seem like a costly venture at first, many homeowners realize that doing the work themselves can cost more in the long run.

Protect you from harm

Landscaping is hard work, and homeowners that are unaccustomed to this type of activity can be left winded, and at risk of injury. Spending all week behind a desk before jumping head-first into manual labour is a tall order. Leaving the work to a professional landscaper will prevent you from spending the following week nursing a strained back, pulled muscle, or wicked sunburn. The inexperienced use of lawn equipment is a far larger safety hazard and should also be avoided where possible.