6 Hot Landscape Design Trends for Rustic Homes in Laconia

A rustic backyard may appear effortless, but that’s the trick - a calming environment doesn't happen by chance! It will require carefully selected materials and delicate details to achieve the rustic retreat of your dreams. Here are a few features to consider incorporating into your Laconia, NH, landscape design this year.


Reclaimed materials

6 Hot Landscape Design Trends for Rustic Homes in Laconia, NH

Giving old, discarded objects a new lease on life can be a lot of fun and will always have interesting results. For example, an aged metal gate can be hung between two columns of reclaimed timber, for a gateway that possesses plenty of character. Alternatively, old logs can be used to build a doghouse that complements the surrounding landscape. Chain-link kennels can not only make your dog look caged, but are also unattractive and can ruin the aesthetic impact of your landscape design.

Romantic dining

Consider nestling a pair of wrought iron chairs and a bistro table in the corner of your patio, and create a romantic spot to share coffee and conversation. Steel outdoor furniture was very popular in the ‘50s and can now be found at vintage stores, garage sales, and flea markets in an array of shapes and colors. They can be adorned with cushions to make them more comfortable and enhance their unique appearance.


Give your shed a facelift

You can turn an old, ordinary shed into a work of art by adorning it with a collection of your favourite vintage items. Old advertisements, a bench, and pots of colorful flowers can all be used to conceal the side of your shed that faces the patio. Vintage garden tools are commonly found at garage sales and can also be hung on the wall of the shed. Vines can be allowed to envelop them for a more natural design.

A well-defined color scheme

As you bring plants, furniture, and decorative items into your backyard, it is important to have them subscribe to a well-defined color scheme. For example, you may plant an array of different flowers in a single part of your yard, but have them be either yellow or purple. Similarly, accent your patio with one or two bright colors and have all the remaining materials be neutral. This will prevent your design from becoming sloppy or overwhelming.

Charming details

Galvanized metal buckets or troughs make fabulous planters and can give any outdoor living area a distinct country-like look. Their silver finishes will pair stunningly with the greens and blues found in Boston ferns and blue anemone. When passing vintage stores and flea markets, keep an eye out for any small items, like watering cans and wooden boxes, that will add personal flair to your backyard. Consider introducing natural stone in unexpected places, such as the support posts of pergolas or outdoor structures.

The right pavers

Your patio pavers have an incredible influence on how well you will be able to achieve a rustic theme. Bricks and cobblestones are good candidates for patios and walkways, while sleek pavers should be avoided. Reclaimed pavers may be adorned with moss and will have a wonderfully weathered appearance.