Warm Up Your Backyard in Hollis With a Wood-Burning Outdoor Fireplace

Few other outdoor elements complement your Hollis, NH, patio like a wood-burning fireplace. Nothing comes close to the look, smell, and sound of a wood fire. This feature intensifies your backyard design, adding luxury and elegance that will mesmerize your guests and serve as the centerpiece of your hardscape.

Why a Wood-Burning Fireplace?

The main reason for choosing to install a wood-burning fireplace, as opposed to a natural gas or propane fueled fireplace, is the unique ambience and coziness that it can add to an outdoor living area. The crackling sounds of burning wood, the aroma of wood smoke, and the campfire- like feel offer a rustic atmosphere unlike any other.

Gas fireplaces may be more convenient, but they don’t come close to the experience provided by burning wood. Gas fireplaces do burn cleaner as well, however, even though their design has improved over the years, a gas fireplace still doesn’t offer the same level of authenticity.

Another benefit to a wood-burning fireplace is that wood is cheaper than gas. Wood-burning fireplaces are easier and quicker to install as well, as you won’t have to deal with the installation of gas lines or an entire gas-burning unit.


Aesthetics and Design Options

Warm Up Your Backyard in Hollis NH With a Wood-Burning Outdoor Fireplace

With outdoor fireplaces, getting the right coloring, size, and shape is important for your backyard aesthetic. A wood-burning fireplace can be custom-built, or bought as a prefabricated unit, in an endless number of styles and appearances - both traditional and modern. The fireplace can be decorated with stone veneer, or be built using attractive face brick or concrete wall units. Unilock, for example, offers an extensive collection of versatile, durable wall units that offer the authenticity of natural stone, the weathered appearance of brick, or the smooth surface textures and sleek lines that complement contemporary landscapes.



Today’s fireplaces are built to specific masonry standards which ensure the stability and heat resistance of the structure. In order to remain safe, the structure is also built to be proportional to the size of the patio and is designed to be efficient at ventilating smoke.

Wood Storage

If you are planning on using your fireplace regularly, keeping a supply of seasoned firewood is a must. Seasoned firewood has been air-dried and has a moisture content of less than 50 percent. This is important for keeping smoke to a minimum. You’ll also need to keep your wood supply dry. This can be achieved by having a wood storage area built into your outdoor fireplace design.

Built-in Seating to Maximize your Patio Space

Placing too many pieces of outdoor furniture on your patio can make it look cluttered and spoil your outdoor experience, especially if you have a large family or you’re entertaining a large group of guests. Adding built-in seating around the fireplace will save you space and create seating that is permanently available so that you don’t need to move furniture around to fit everyone in. This seating can be built to match your fireplace and other vertical surfaces in order to ensure a uniform look for your hardscape.