How to Enjoy Cooking in Your Outdoor Kitchen in All Weather Conditions in Waltham, MA

Dining outdoors can be wonderfully refreshing, but why stop there? You can bring the entire dining experience, from preparation to clean-up, outdoors. All you need to do is incorporate a few essential appliances and utilities into the design of your patio. However, the elements won’t always be considerate of your hard work and will threaten the integrity and ambience of your outdoor kitchen. Fortunately, a few simple measures can ensure that your appliances are protected and your outdoor dining is unaffected by the heat or rain in Waltham, MA.

Shady pergolas

A pergola that is built sturdily will be able to withstand any heavy snow that may fall, and can be fitted with a canvas covering or tarp to keep rain and snow out of the kitchen. A fiberglass ceiling is also a good option that allows light into the room. Pergolas can also be fitted with billowing curtains in summer. These can be drawn to create a private, shady room. In addition to their year-round functionality, pergolas are excellent at bringing grandeur and dimensionality to the design of an outdoor room.

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Safe, compact plumbing

In order to enjoy your outdoor kitchen, all the electrical and gas-powered appliances need to be safe and functional. In order to ensure that your utilities don’t present any problems, you should ensure that they are safe from environmental wear and tear. Be sure to use stainless steel, plastic or solid copper, as these are approved for outdoor use. By having your pipes cleared before winter, you can also prevent any remaining moisture from freezing and bursting the pipes. By draining your pipes properly before winter sets in, your landscape contractor can help you avoid expensive repairs and guarantee effortless outdoor dining come springtime.

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The right location

Should you be interested in barbecuing throughout fall, you may want to consider positioning your outdoor kitchen in a spot that receives a lot of sun. Consider where the wind is strongest within your landscape and avoid these areas for the construction of your kitchen. You should also consider structures that are positioned overhead and whether any snow from a roof or tree will fall onto your kitchen. Deciduous trees can also present problems during fall when they lose their leaves, while any low-hanging branches can be a fire hazard. Select a rather private spot so that you can enjoy your outdoor dining experience without feeling your neighbor’s gaze. Consider surrounding your kitchen with plenty of vegetation, or incorporate a screen for privacy should you not have a secluded corner available.

Hardy cabinets and countertops

How to Enjoy Cooking in Your Outdoor Kitchen in All Weather Conditions in Waltham, MA

One factor that contributes to a fun, effortless dining experience is the peace of mind that your outdoor kitchen will remain in good shape regardless of recent snowfall or the storm the night before. In order to achieve this peace of mind, you should focus on selecting hardy materials for the construction of your countertops, cabinets and grill islands. Similarly, the pavers underfoot should be able to withstand harsh weather and frequent foot traffic. Consider concrete pavers, and wall units for vertical structures. Certain varieties of natural stone, like granite, are also relatively durable and any damage to their surfaces can even enhance their natural, timeworn look and feel. Stainless steel is another sleek favorite for highly functional countertops that make a statement.