Outdoor Lighting Tips For Adding Curb Appeal In Newton, NH

Winters in Newton, NH, are known for their extreme, sub-zero temperatures and an all-encompassing cold, accompanied by heavy snowfall. With more than double the level of snowfall of the national average, racking up around 56 inches in a year, Newton winters can get pretty drab and dreary. Oftentimes, this can take the life and light out of an otherwise radiant home - unless an effective outdoor lighting plan is put in place. Even in summer, continuing the fun after hours and maintaining curb appeal after dark will require outdoor lighting. With that in mind, here are some effective outdoor lighting tips for adding curb appeal to your home all year round:

Uplighting accents

Perhaps one of the most effective lighting techniques is uplighting. Uplighting adds drama by emphasizing the key elements of your outdoor landscape. The trick is to identify the most appealing elements of your landscape - a minimalistic water fountain, a beautiful maple tree or a piece of sculpture, for example - and uplighting them in flattering ways. This will draw the eye and can even be used to take focus away from the less appealing elements of your landscape. Using this technique, Northern Lights Landscape Contractors can make sure that all your favorite landscape features are visible after sunset.

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Cheer up the walkway

The walkway leading to your front door is the first chance for you to make your visitors feel at home. And if you’re looking to put your house on the market, your front walkway can tell your prospective buyers pretty much everything they need to know about the house. Lighting it up with some path lights is a good idea. Path lights are one of the best ways to illuminate a walkway without making it too overpowering. Low powered, warm lights are sufficient for lighting the way.

Downlighting features

If you have ornate benches, or a beautifully textured retaining walls, or any features with rich details, using downlighting on them will not only create a dramatic effect, but also provide enough light to allow guests to use functional features at night.
If you have a body of water, such as a pond or fountain in your front yard, you can use this lighting technique to create interesting reflections and reflection patterns.

Fun lights for entertaining

Entertainment - or recreational - areas outside your house can be lit up using innovative lighting techniques. For example, string lights, serial lights, tube lights, etc. are always cheerful and welcoming. They remind us of special occasions and festivities. A warm ambience is essential for recreational spaces to encourage comfort, relaxation and fun.

Strategic lighting for architectural details

Outdoor Lighting Tips For Adding Curb Appeal In Newton, NH

Interesting and intricate details in the architecture of your home can be lit up strategically in order to highlight the home as a work of architectural beauty. For example, if you have historical window frames, adding lights beneath the eaves or windowsills can help them look striking. This kind of lighting can take your landscape to a whole new level and boost curb appeal tremendously. Even the simplest of design elements can take on new life at night.

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Image courtesy of Unilock.