4 Tips for Finding a Reputable Excavation Company Near Bedford, NH

Excavating is a very important process to ensuring that your landscape project will run smoothly and, in fact, it is typically the beginning phase to your design/build project. What is not often taken into account is the potential danger that is involved with excavation. With that being said, it is crucial to know that company you find is capable of performing the work. Here are some tips for finding a reputable excavation company near Bedford, NH.

What to Expect

4 Tips for Finding a Reputable Excavation Company Near Bedford, NH

Excavation is not just digging up dirt. It is the literal act of removing and moving earth, heavy rock, and other materials. Excavating is inclusive of trenching, demolition, and hauling. Excavation work requires the use of heavy equipment and machinery. All of this can be a recipe for disaster if an experienced team is not utilized. It is imperative that the excavation be performed properly to ensure that your landscape, hardscape, or design/build projects will not encounter flood, irrigation, and structural damage as time passes. It is also extremely important the team of experts you select are qualified to operate the machinery necessary in a manner that will not impinge on the safety other workers who may be present, that will not cause harm to themselves, and that will preserve any existing structures on site.

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Ask About Experience

Qualified heavy equipment operators are a must. Make sure the company you hire has the experience in the industry behind them. Inquire about the types of machinery they use for the specific project you are hiring them for. The machinery can vary depending on the type of work being required. Ask about the operator’s certifications and individual experience and background upfront.  If the company you are thinking about choosing uses subcontractors, then you will need to know about that. Make sure the equipment being utilized is in adequate condition and well maintained. Also, make sure they have references they can furnish before you make any final contract for hire decisions.

Look into Licensing and Insurance

Do not use a company that cannot provide you current proof of state licensing and insurance. The company’s insurance should include both a workers’ compensation policy as well as liability insurance. Because excavating can be a very dangerous field of work—both to workers and property—do not settle for a company that cannot insure their workers and your property. Accidents can occur, so make sure your investment and your personal assets are protected from an unwanted claim. If the company is using subcontractors, make sure the subcontractor is equally insured even if the contractor has their own.

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Scrutinize the Contract Price

When budgeting for your project, excavation is not the place to take short cuts or cut spending. This is not to mean that the highest bid is the best, but be careful of contractors that are bidding your project at a significantly lower price. You do not want to hire an excavation company that will take short cuts or lease cheap or poorly maintained equipment. You want a company that employs workers who have proven qualifications and experience. Scrutinize the bids you receive with these ideals in mind before moving forward with the company.