Questions to Ask When Hiring Excavating Contractors for Site Development in Bedford, NH

Landscapes ready for building a dream home don’t just happen by accident—they are well thought out and planned carefully. This is where excavating contractors come in, the people who prepare the site for construction. If you are considering site development for your Bedford, NH, location, these are some critical questions to ask your landscape contractor.

What’s the State of the Property?

Questions to Ask When Hiring Excavating Contractors for Site Development in Bedford, NH

Preparing a site involves many steps, and one of the first is grading and clearing. Part of this step involves identifying where the electrical, water, and other utility lines will go, especially if this is an area where utilities already exist.

A pivotal step is understanding drainage and the slope of the property. Water problems can cost time and money, not to mention they are a headache to remedy. Clearing and grading require experience with how to establish proper drainage so that you won’t have to worry about water standing at the base of your foundation or erosion of your yard from runoff.

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Will Septic Installation Be Needed?

If your site requires a septic tank, know that each septic system is unique and must be installed in such a way for the waste to run freely into the tank. The drain field will need to be located at a lower point to allow the water to filter out naturally. If a septic system is not planned out properly, then the toilets, washer, and showers will not drain well and you risk having sewage back up into your home.

Will Any Trees and Stumps Need to Be Removed?

Most properties have dead trees and stumps that must be removed before the land is useful for construction. Removing stumps is not as easy as just digging them up and hauling them away because there will be holes left where the stumps were. If the holes are simply filled with dirt, there’s a risk of the dirt settling and leaving a depression in the ground. This is not a good situation for landscaping or for construction, so you will want to ensure that your excavation contractor has experience with stump removal and dirt replacement.

Trees are an essential element of a beautiful landscape, so an excavator must know which trees are worth keeping and which should go. You don’t want a completely bare lot for your new home if there are oak and maple trees that could give a more mature appearance to your new landscape. This is where extensive experience with tree removal is a critical benefit for your property.

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Where Should the Driveway Go?

The driveway is the first entry point to your home, so its placement matters. You don’t want a driveway that is placed right where the water drains from your downspouts with all of that stormwater running over the drive.

How Can You Maximize the View?

Homes are not just placed haphazardly on a piece of land, but should be placed to take advantage of the sunlight, natural view, and special features of the property. Professional excavating contractors can carefully plan and grade the site so that your Bedford, NH, home is filled with sun from different angles at all times of the day.

Site excavation is the foundation upon which all of the rest of the home and landscape rest, so you want experienced teams skilled at lot clearing, foundations, and utilities infrastructure including water, sewer, and septic work. Inquiring about these key elements of excavation can give you peace of mind that your home will be a place for lasting memories.