5 Stunning ideas for Using Masonry in Your Amherst, NH, Outdoor Kitchen

Hardly anyone will turn down an invitation to enjoy burgers and grilled veggies outside, and that is one of the main appeals of an open-air kitchen in Amherst, NH. An outdoor kitchen can bring you the best of all worlds—the ability to chat with your family or friends while cooking over the barbeque. If you love to cook on the grill and have been mulling over adding a kitchen to your yard, here are five stunning ideas for using masonry to create the space you want.


Classic New England homes include the elements of brick, so continuing the use of brick to your outdoor kitchen could be a natural choice. Consider incorporating a different pattern for the patio and kitchen bricks than what is on the house. A basket weave design can be very elegant and produces an overall look that has interest but is not too busy. A running or stacked bond pattern works well with any style home, and can yield a more casual appearance. Fanning bricks out into a circular pattern can make a “brick rug” for your dining patio.


5 Stunning ideas for Using Masonry in Your Amherst, NH, Outdoor Kitchen

If simple appeals to you, then rustic might be what you are looking for. With large, natural colored blocks of earthy hues, rustic, textured blocks yield a warm and easy finish. This style blends well with natural elements of trees and grass. Adding large grout lines and a slightly course countertop can make you feel like you are cooking and dining in a European grotto.


If you love a sleek finish and shiny surfaces, you might want to aim for contemporary masonry choices. Light, almost white masonry stones can be complemented by stainless steel appliances. The addition of wood accents and a lustrous gray countertop to finish your outdoor kitchen would bring a cool, urban feel to your landscape.

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Stone Update

Perhaps you have bought a house that has an existing outdoor kitchen and you think it needs an update. An expert stone mason or contractor can assess your existing kitchen and suggest the best stones to bring a fresh look to your space. Whether you love the look of large stones, stacked stone, or slim rectangular stones of natural hues, your outdoor kitchen update is limited only by your imagination.

Stone Banding

Utilizing contrasting stone banding for your kitchen floor can really make that area special. A large rectangular band set within the floor stones can visually identify the dining area. Stones can be of a different size, color, texture, and even pattern. Continuing the stone band in the wall that contains the grill, or even in a bar, can make your outdoor kitchen feel very unified. Using patterned tiles to set off a single spot or to reflect your love of a certain color can elevate the overall look of your kitchen.

An outdoor kitchen is a coveted asset that is on the minds of many potential home buyers. Adding an outdoor kitchen to your Amherst, NH, landscape will not only bring a space to relax and savor the fun and food to be shared, but it can also add value to your home. Whether large or intimate is what you seek, a professional landscape contractor can design and build the outdoor space of your dreams.