Beautify Your Pool Area with Stunning Masonry in Lexington, MA

A pool is one of the best ways to beat the sweltering summer heat. Take your Lexington, MA, poolscape from average to outstanding with the help of stunning masonry work. Options such as contemporary stone pavers, modern tile, and functional masonry features will complement and elevate your pool area. 

Pool Decking

Beautify Your Pool Area with Stunning Masonry in Lexington, MA  

The basis of a gorgeous poolscape is a well-made pool deck. Selecting the right paver for your pool deck and patio will set the tone for your landscape. Pavers around the pool should be durable, weatherproof, and slip-resistant. Unilock Umbriano pavers offer the striking appearance of natural granite in a selection of rich colors to complement your landscape design. They also feature a slip-resistant surface that makes them an ideal choice for use around the pool.
Another way to go are Unilock Beacon Hill pavers, which are available in a flagstone or a smooth finish to create both natural and modern pool decks. They come in a wide selection of gorgeous blended colors, including Copper Ridge and Fossil, which are brand-new for 2018. After selecting the right paver, consider a coordinating stone veneer for vertical elements to help create a cohesive look across your landscape.

Custom Coping

Coping serves the important purpose of keeping water out of your pool structure, but what really matters is a smooth surface that won’t scratch skin. Coping should also have a slip-resistant surface to increase safety around the pool.

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Bullnose coping features a smooth, rounded edge that is ideal for finishing a pool. Unilock’s Brussels Fullnose is a popular choice for a family-friendly pool area. It has a smooth non-abrasive finish, and with nine gorgeous colors, Brussels will meet your aesthetic tastes. Natural stone coping such as Sandstone or Limestone will instantly elevate the look of your pool. Premium Limestone is available in a Fullnose edge and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The dark gray color provides a striking contrast that will complement a wide variety of paver colors.

Borders, Designs, and Decorative Tile

Decorate masonry accents such as colored borders, paver designs, and glass tile will add interest and create a beautiful focal point in your pool area. Borders can help define your pool space and provide visual boundaries that help increase safety. A striking double border in contrasting colors looks great in almost any color combination. Attractive laying patterns and custom designs such as circles, swirls, and checkerboards can add interest to pool decking.

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Glass tiles are extremely durable and bring an iridescent appearance to pools and other water features. Decorative tiles make beautiful borders and are also a helpful way to make underwater features stand out. Stairs, a sun shelf, or other masonry elements will be easily identifiable with a row of colored or patterned tile set into the masonry.

Complementary Masonry Features

A pool is even better when accompanied by a fantastic outdoor room or stunning fire feature.
An outdoor kitchen makes an ideal complement to a pool. Enjoy even more time outdoors with a coordinating masonry grill island so that you can prepare meals poolside.
A fire feature is the perfect finishing touch for your pool area. A modern fire table brings warmth at the flick of a switch. A traditional fireplace will add a cozy atmosphere and give guests a place to relax and warm up after a nighttime swim.