3 Landscaping Tips for Building a Beautiful Bluestone Patio in Your Laconia, NH, Backyard

A gorgeous patio becomes an extension of your Laconia, NH, home, as a spot to relax, entertain, and enjoy being outside. The beauty of outdoor living is that the spills can be hosed away and the mess can be kept to a minimum. One way to ensure long-lasting, eye-catching uniqueness of an outdoor patio is to make it out of bluestone pavers. Here are three landscaping tips for building a beautiful bluestone patio in your backyard.

Choose Bluestone for Its Durability

Bluestone is an excellent choice for the Laconia climate, as it can weather the freeze/thaw cycles well. Able to withstand heavy traffic with few scratches or stains, bluestone can be a perfect choice for walkways and steps. The pavers’ natural, slightly rough texture provides safety from slipping and sliding, even around a pool area.

Take Your Time Choosing Sizes, Colors

Because bluestone is a natural and quarried stone, the blue color varies according to how deep it was. The deeper the stone is found in the earth, the darker its color. As the stone gets closer to the surface, the color lightens some, and much of this stone can be split, which yields additional colors of gray, purple, and rust. Bluestone naturally blends well with most house colors and landscapes.

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Often used to create patios and walkways, rectangular bluestone can be found in quite large rectangles all the way to slim rectangular shapes and even squares. Mixing the shapes can create a distinctive look for a patio, unlike other stones that are uniform in color and shape. Laid in a herringbone pattern or in a free-form pattern, bluestone is dazzling when bordered with a contrasting stone edging or rust-colored brick pavers.

This stone can also come in irregular sizes that have no set shape. Huge pieces of bluestone can be laid in puzzle fashion with smaller uneven pieces to produce a walkway leading to your patio that is truly one of a kind.

Know the Many Uses of Bluestone

Bluestone can clearly be used to build walkways, patios, and steps, but it has many more applications as well. This natural beauty can create an incredible focal wall or accent to a retaining wall around a patio. Use bluestone in various rectangular shapes to add a firepit to your patio for cool summer and fall evenings.

3 Landscaping Tips for Building a Beautiful Bluestone Patio in Your Laconia, NH, Backyard

A raised bluestone patio with a matching fireplace would be a private gem hidden in your backyard. Set among the vibrant green grass and flowering shrubs, this would quickly become a favored spot. Bluestone steps, each made of one piece of stone, descending onto a bluestone patio can bring elegance to your landscape. Add low ambient lighting, and the patio can be fully enjoyed after dark for casual parties and drinks.

While bringing bluestone to your Laconia, NH, backyard landscape can be appealing, it can also bring more value to your home. The compelling natural blue hue, in varied tones, is complementary to various paint colors and the natural greens and florals of the yard. In fact, bluestone is a classic paver choice for increasing your home’s curb appeal.