6 Reasons for Tree Stump Removal in Milford, NH

Let’s say you are in the process of having a dangerous or nuisance tree removed from your yard. The natural question then turns to what needs to be done to get rid of the stump. Some homeowners may think leftover stumps look rustic, but leaving them behind can cause a host of problems. Stump removal is an important element when it comes to your overall landscaping design for a variety of reasons. Stumps are an eyesore and can get in the way as people move about your yard, but there are a few other reasons for tree stump removal that you may not have considered. We will tell you why proper tree stump removal is essential for your Milford, NH, property.

Safety Concerns

Stumps of any size serve as a hazard on your property for anyone that travels through it. Whether acting as a trip risk for kids at play or a pathway block for lawnmowers, stumps have the potential for producing bruised shins, twisted ankles, or damaged machinery. A safer space is one where no stumps are present.

Making Space for Landscape Improvements

Have you been dreaming of adding a pool to your property? How about a pergola, fire pit, or paver patio? By having wayward stumps removed, you could create extra space on your property for all your backyard dreams. Don’t let an unsightly stump stand in the way of your private oasis; look into developing a clear space with the removal of any stumps in your landscape.

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Avoiding Pest Problems

6 Reasons for Tree Stump Removal in Milford, NH

A stump is essentially the dead remnants of a tree that can create a natural habitat for a variety of critters. It is true that a stump can become a convenient den for a family of raccoons or a colony of ants. If you do not want to invite a menagerie of woodland pests to live on your property, prompt stump removal is a recommended method of prevention.

Discouraging Disease

The same types of animals that are attracted to stumps can also be carriers for disease. Tree stumps are especially vulnerable to disease and could be the catalyst for an expensive and destructive plague on your healthy foliage.

Achieving Improved Curb Appeal

Thinking of selling your home and relocating? One way to communicate to your potential buyers that your property has been well maintained is by paying attention to landscape details. Leaving even a single stump behind could make some homebuyers question the value of your home—and in turn offer you less at negotiation time. You do not want to let potential buyers walk away due to unsightly stumps.

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Stopping New Plant Growth

Believe it or not, some tree stumps can regrow a new tree again. New growth can sprout from the base of the stump, including new roots, making it difficult to remove everything all over again. Avoid this issue by taking proactive steps to look into the removal of any stumps from your yard before any sprouts find their way to the surface.

Don’t try to take matters into  your own hands; contact your trusted landscaping team to help you safely and effectively remove unsightly, dangerous stumps from your yard.