How Can a Landscaper Turn Your Backyard into an Inviting Outdoor Room in Lexington, MA

Winters are long in Lexington, MA, so it’s all the more vital to thoroughly enjoy the beautiful New England weather while it’s here. For this reason, many homeowners are creating functional outdoor spaces so that they can spend more time outside. One way to get everybody outside is to have your landscaper create an irresistibly inviting outdoor room.


A patio is a great way to extend your home’s interior to the outside. A patio can tie together your yard and home, and create a truly cohesive landscape. For the sake of cohesion, your landscaper will likely adopt certain colors and styles that are already present in your home, and feature them in the patio. Flooring, walls, and even roofing are great ways to separate the space while making a connection to the style of your home. Outdoor furniture is no longer limited to wrought-iron and plastic. Today’s weatherproof furniture is stylish, comfortable, and made to look like any piece of furniture you might have inside your home. 

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How Can a Landscaper Turn Your Backyard into an Inviting Outdoor Room in Lexington, MA

Outdoor lighting can also be used to make an exterior space feel like an inviting and separate room. Floor lamps and table lamps made for the outdoors are a great ways to make a space feel cozier. Textured surfaces and natural colors can help tie the patio to the natural landscape.

Outdoor Kitchen

Eating is one of the most social activities we engage in, and because few things are more inviting than the smell of barbecue, a space reserved for cooking and eating food outdoors—the outdoor kitchen—is a great way to get everybody outside. Outdoor kitchens can be fully inclusive, with a sink, counter space, storage space, stove, and refrigerator. A fireplace can even be added, complete with chimney, mantel, and pizza oven. However, outdoor eating spaces can be as simple as you like. A defined space for the grill, a proper dining room table, and mood lighting is enough to make an inviting and well-used outdoor space.

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One important aspect of creating an inviting outdoor space is having adequate accommodation. Whether they’re hanging out on the patio, outdoor kitchen, dining area, or outdoor living room, family and friends should have a variety of seating options that provide space for relaxation and socialization. If you intend to use this space often, attention should be paid to creating protection from varying weather. The shade and protection provided by a pergola, retractable awning, or walls allows for comfort on those hotter summer days while still allowing for plenty of sunshine and breeze on those perfect summer days. To get the most use out of an outdoor room, a fireplace is a welcome addition to any outdoor space. An outdoor fireplace not only provides warmth on those cooler nights but acts as a focal point and a gathering place. The arrangement of outdoor furniture is also important.

Spatial Definition

When creating an outdoor space, delineating or enclosing the space is a great way to add definition to the landscape and showcase your unique aesthetic sensibilities. Defining a space can be as simple as having a roof or awning installed. Fencing or latticework, garden walls, hedges, or stonewalls are other great methods for defining your space and adding interest and texture to your landscape. Walls can add a degree of privacy.