Maximize Your Poolside Experience This Summer with an Outdoor Kitchen Featuring a Refrigerator and Ice Maker and Other Must-Haves

Summertime in Milford, MA, means spending lots of quality time outdoors with family and friends. If the pool is the social hub of your yard, why not maximize your poolside experience with a fully functioning outdoor kitchen? Cooking together, eating together, and swimming together is surely the recipe for a memorable summer!


Maximize Your Poolside Experience This Summer with an Outdoor Kitchen Featuring a Refrigerator and Ice Maker and Other Must-Haves in Milford MA

Someone always seems to have the job of running back to the house for lemonade or grabbing the hamburgers from the grill on the porch. Why not eliminate this scramble, relax, and cook those hamburgers and pour that lemonade right by the pool? A fully loaded poolside outdoor kitchen makes preparing food and dining outdoors a fun and shared activity for everyone. No more kids complaining about having to get out of the pool, no more lugging supplies from one spot to the next, and no more running to the grill and back. A poolside outdoor kitchen makes mealtimes simple, and it maximizes the time everybody gets to spend together.

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When planning your outdoor kitchen with your landscape professional, it is important to include the appliances and features that will best suit your lifestyle. If your outdoor kitchen will be a place for preparing food for children, maybe a poolside pizza oven with fireplace is a necessity. If cold drinks are in constant demand, perhaps a full-size refrigerator and icemaker is imperative. One must also consider how much and what kind of seating is necessary. Equally important is foregoing what you, your family, and your guests, will likely not need or use. An outdoor kitchen can really be as simple as a grill, table, and chairs. Alternatively, an outdoor kitchen can include all of the comforts and amenities of its indoor cousin. Many outdoor kitchens come equipped with a sink, dishwasher, bar, plenty of counter space, and ample storage. An outdoor kitchen can also be as unique and personalized as you need it to be. Maybe you want to include a hibachi grill, a smoker, beer tap, or widescreen television?

Weatherproof and Safety

Unlike an indoor kitchen, all appliances, countertops, and storage space, must be waterproof and durable enough to withstand varying temperatures. Stone, ceramic, and steel are durable and waterproof choices for appliances and countertops. The best outdoor kitchens are stylish and functional, and these materials have the added benefit of producing an elegant and modern look. Another important feature to consider is whether you want your outdoor kitchen to be partially or fully roofed. If you want access to your outdoor kitchen in all weather, a roof is a must-have. Roofing also offers shade on those brutally hot days. If you won’t be in the pool those times, you at least want to be in the shade. With a roof, overhead fans and even mist sprays can be installed. 

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Careful attention must also be paid to safety concerns particular to an outdoor kitchen located poolside. Slip-proof flooring is an absolute necessity. Pavers and natural stone are great non-slip options. A well-lit kitchen is also an absolute must for functionality and safety. Lighting can be installed under the countertops or above and is a great excuse for creating some ambiance.

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