How the Pros Handle Stump Removal in Amherst, NH

How the Pros Handle Stump Removal in Amherst, NH

Leaving tree stumps in the ground can quickly make an otherwise nice landscape look unkempt. Curb appeal and aesthetics aside, they also pose health and safety risks to your lawn and loved ones. Do your loved ones and your lawn a favor, and call in a professional to remove old tree stumps from your property. Here’s how the professional’s handle stump removal in Amherst, NH.

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Understanding the Pro’s to Stump Removal 

Cutting a tree down as close as you can get it to the ground and leaving the remainder may seem like the simplest solution when it comes to dropping a tree. In fact, many do exactly that, especially if they are not planning on growing anything in that area moving forward. In theory, this can seem logical. However, there are many dangers involved with leaving a dead tree stump in the ground. Eventually the stump will begin to decay and rot. This means that mold and mildew spores will be abundant. Additionally, rotting and decaying wood attracts insects that can cause significant damage to other structures on your property.

The stump will also become a hazard to those moving about on the lawn. If it is not clearly visible at all times, it can create trip and fall hazards. They can also make lawn care more difficult when it comes to mowing, edging, and trimming. Leaving a stump in the ground will also make it much more difficult to plant anything there again. If the plan for dropping a tree was to replace it with a different landscape, that will prove difficult if the stump is left in tact.

There is also the chance that the tree could re-sprout and grow. If the root system to the tree is not destroyed, there is always a chance that the tree will live on. As such, if you are going to do all the work removing the tree, it is best to avoid the chance that it will come back. All in all, the best solution in all instances is to remove old tree stumps and avoid creating additional work or risks by leaving them in the ground.

The Techniques

Professionals can make a daunting task, such as stump removal, a lot less stressful on property owners. They come prepared with the proper equipment, years of experience and training, and in-depth knowledge of the industry. As such, the stump removal process will be completed effectively, efficiently, and with no clean up and mess left behind.

Stump Grinding

The most popular method of stump removal is to grind the stump. This entails clearing the area around the tree to avoid any damage. Then, professional grinding equipment is used to grind away at the stump while working lower and lower into the stump, eventually working all the way down to the roots. In doing so, the root system is destroyed, preventing the chance of new growth. Once the stump is ground down, all of the wood chips and debris are carefully cleaned up and removed. The area where the stump was, can now be covered by earth, allowing turf or other landscape to grow.

Chemical and Burn Methods

Other methods can consist of slowly decaying and breaking down the stump with the use of chemicals over time, making it easier to break apart and remove. Or another method is to drill holes in the stump, pour igniter fluid into the hole, and then lighting it on fire. This does not result in a large exposed flame or bonfire-type of situation. Instead, the stump slowly smolders away from burning from the inside out. Eventually, nothing is left but ash. Both of these methods are much more time consuming and are generally only used in situations where grinding would not be a recommended method.

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