4 Reasons Why You Need a Professional for Tree Stump Removal in Hollis, NH

There are many hazards involved with leaving a tree stump in the ground, but there are equal risks with removing them as well. When it comes to your safety, and that of your loved ones, as well as the security of your investment, it is simply not worth the gamble to remove a tree stump yourself. More times than not, if you are questioning the parameters of the project before you, it likely isn’t something you should take on alone. Here are the 4 reasons why you need a professional to handle your next tree stump removal in Hollis, NH.

Heavy Equipment

4 reasons why you need a professional for tree stump removal in Hollis, NH

Stump grinding is one method of tree stump removal. The size of the grinder can range from the size of a lawn mower to the size of a vehicle, depending on the size of the tree. The grinder moves back and forth over the stump, allowing the blade to chip away at the wood, sometimes at depths of over a foot below the surface. In doing so, the grinder turns the stump into mulch and wood chips – leaving behind another project. Stump grinding is a very effective way to remove tree stumps, however, this is no easy task. Operating heavy equipment takes knowledge and experience. It also entails a lot of physical work.

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Do-It Yourself Disasters

Other means of stump removal include stump burning or chemical decay. While these options avoid the need for operating heavy equipment, they do not avoid the risk of harm. Burning tree stumps involves using an accelerant to saturate the stump and setting it afire. The end result is to get the stump down to a nice smolder until it eventually works down to the roots before going out. This method can be highly dangerous for many reasons. You must be careful of the surrounding landscape, structures, and other trees that could come into contact with flame or embers. 

Igniting the stump should be performed with skill and caution as the accelerator can cause a burst of flame. The stump must be monitored at all times with an adequate water source nearby in case of an uncontrolled burn. It is also important to check with your local fire agency for any regulations on public burning. 

Chemical methods entail dousing the stump with chemicals that, in turn, break down the structure and integrity of the stump, making it easier to knock down. This process involves handling strong chemicals, which always adds an increased risk to one’s safety. There are also environmental considerations and regulations to consider.

Hidden Dangers

Another method of removing tree stumps is to cut a perimeter around the tree where the root system ends and dig the entire thing up. While this may be the recommended approach for some tree stumps, it likely isn’t for the majority of them. This too takes special equipment and tools to be able to get far enough into the ground to reach the root system and then to be able to pull the stump from the ground. It also requires knowledge of how large the root system has stretched and where underground footings and utilities are. Roots can spread much farther than you may think. If there are nearby structures of any kind, the root system could be encroaching on the foundation or any underground utility lines. Removing the tree stump without being sure of what lies beneath the ground could cause a much larger problem.

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A professional will be able to perform this job efficiently, effectively, and, most importantly, safely. Even better, they can remove the debris left behind. This will provide you with the quickest way to have your property back, stump free, and with a peace-of-mind guarantee.