Questions to Ask When Hiring Excavating Contractors in Peterborough, NH

Excavation equipment is widely used in the design/build industry to dig and move earth. However, with this is specialized work that comes a lot of responsibility and the potential for hazardous conditions and mishaps. It is crucial to the outcome of your project to make sure that you know what to look for when hiring an excavating contractor. Here are some questions to ask when it comes time to hire excavating contractors for your Peterbolandrough, NH, project.

What Are Your Credentials?

Questions to Ask When Hiring Excavating Contractors in Peterborough, NH

In order to legally operate an excavator, the operator should be licensed. You could also ask about what kind of training and expertise your excavating contractors possess. Having an experienced, properly trained team is vital to ensuring that the project will be completed with the best outcome.

Do You Have Insurance?

Make sure that the company you contract with is insured and can be bonded in the event that your project requires it. There is a lot of room for error during the excavation process. Not only to tangible items but to the operator and other workers as well. Ask to see a sample of the contractor’s insurance policy to ensure they are covered properly. They should be able to provide you with liability and workers’ compensation policies. This will provide a safety net for you in the event something should go wrong or should something get damaged during the excavation process.

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Is Your Equipment Properly Maintained?

You may also want to ask about whether the equipment has been properly maintained and is in adequate condition to perform the work. Although the operator plays a key role in the excavation process, the operator is only as good as the equipment being used. Shoddy and faulty equipment can be a recipe for disaster. The condition of the equipment will also tell you a lot about the contractor you are hiring. Reputable contractors that take pride in their work, customer satisfaction, and their employees will keep properly maintained equipment and will be open to discussing that with you.

The Site

Make sure you are upfront about the project specifics and make certain that the contractor you hire has performed a thorough site inspection. This includes an evaluation of your location, site access, the ground composition, underground utilities, and equipment staging. There are so many factors that will need to be considered before preparing for the work at hand that a contracting site unseen is never advised.

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References and Testimonials

Take the time upfront to do a little research and make sure that the excavating team you hire has successfully accomplished similar projects without fault. Ask if the contractors can provide you with references of past projects. This should be something that they proudly offer up and without hesitation. Take a look at the Better Business Bureau for the company rating. Ask about awards, recognitions, or anything that they can provide to show that they are established in the community. Read past reviews and testimonials to better determine the type of customer service and job performance that others have experienced when hiring this company. Most importantly, inquire about the time they have been in business.