The Most Innovative and Energy-Efficient Outdoor Lighting Designs for Your Concord, NH, Landscape

Innovative energy-efficient lighting provides enough illumination to your landscape design in Concord, NH, so that you can enjoy your backyard, find your way around in the dark, and feel safe late at night. This type of lighting goes even further than its practical purpose to make a return on your investment by minimizing the amount of energy your property expends. Energy-efficient lighting has come a long way, proven by these innovative options:

LED Lights

Compared with traditional lightings, LED fixtures emit less heat, use less electricity, and are long-lasting. These reasons explain why their popularity continues to grow. They also offer consistent light output.

LED bulbs can last as long as 50,000 hours, or 8-10 times longer than CFL bulbs and 20-25 times longer than typical halogen bulbs. Their performance depends on the quality of the bulbs, their design, and other factors. Top manufacturers continue to add innovative, smart features that make lighting landscape as easy as controlling lights from the comfort of your living room couch.

The Most Innovative and Energy-Efficient Outdoor Lighting Designs for Your Concord, NH, Landscape  

Uplights and downlights are a great way to illuminate the desired features in your yard and create a magnificent atmosphere on your patio. If you want to add even more fun in your backyard, consider string and serial LED lights.

Dimmer Controls

The outdoor dining area is perfect for LED lights with dimmer controls. Dimmers allow you to have control over the ambiance so you can create a romantic, vivid, or simply friendly atmosphere. Or you can ease into the darkening sky when the moon is hiding. Anytime you use lights at a reduced level, the more you will be conserving energy.

Solar-Powered Lighting

This type of lighting uses zero electricity, which is why many homeowners initially decide to add them to their backyard. Solar lighting is wire-free, also being a good choice for areas that aren’t currently connected to a power source. These lighting options need to be carefully placed to ensure that they collect enough solar energy to reach their full lighting potential. They would not be of much use if they like hidden under trees or among a leafy garden plot. Outdoor lighting professionals will maximize the use of solar lighting if that’s an option you favor and if your backyard receives the amount of sun that such lights require.

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Motion-Sensor Lighting

This type of lighting has sensors that turn the lights on whenever motion is detected. Then, soon after, the lights turn off, conserving energy. You can have motion sensor lighting installed on your porch and walkway to save energy compared with more static lighting options.

Timed Lighting

Energy-minded homeowners may find outdoor lighting tough to control when they’re always coming and going. Timed lighting takes the thinking out of keeping track whether the lights have been left on, and they ensure that your pathways are lit up when you come home late at night. Timed lighting can also be used to add more security to your backyard.

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