Top Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Walkway in Lexington, MA

Outdoor lighting not only illuminates your walkway in Lexington, MA, but also welcomes you and your guests with its warm and inviting glow. Outdoor walkway lighting should be both functional, making your yard safer, and complementary to your landscape. Here are a few of the top outdoor lighting ideas, certain to brighten up your Massachusetts walkway.

Solar-Powered Lighting

Top Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Walkway in Lexington, MA

Solar-powered lighting is ideal for those who do not want to worry about electrical lines and transformer locations. Solar lighting is especially good for walkways that are located far from a power source. Because solar lighting is wire-free, it is also ideal for walkways that are steep, rocky, or otherwise hard to get to and maintain. Solar lights work by collecting the sun’s energy during the day and converting it into electric power, therefore, saving valuable energy without compromising a well-lit walkway. With that said, walkways that are located beneath trees or other large structures may not be solar-light compatible. Your outdoor lighting professional will be able to determine if solar lights are an option for your yard.

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Lighting to Showcase the Landscape

Lighting should reveal both the walkway and the beauty of the landscape. Your lighting professional will be able to create localized pools of light to showcase specific points of interest within the landscape. Lush greenery, a vibrant flowerbed, a fountain or art piece, can be made to come alive with professionally installed lighting. Your walkway lighting can direct the feet and the eyes of your guests. Your walkway lighting need not only lead the way home, but with the expertise of a lighting professional, it can help make your walkway a visual adventure. 

Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion sensor lights can add drama and interest to your yard and walkway, lighting up one after the other, slowly revealing the path, as your guest walks. This is especially relevant if your walkway is of considerable length, or if it takes a circuitous route to your front door. While motion sensor lighting does foster the whimsy of discovery, it still maintains a sense of modernity and a feeling of safety. If you are not concerned with having a constant source of light lining your walkway, motion sensor lighting is a great energy-saving option.

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Timed Lighting

Timed lighting, like motion-sensor lighting, is a great way to conserve energy. Timed lighting is typically set to turn on at night and off with the morning light. This saves you the trouble of having to turn the lights on and off manually every night and every morning. This is especially convenient for those times when you forget to leave a light on for guests or for a family member returning home late at night. 

Lighting to Complement the Landscape

Lighting is functional first, but it need not be functional only. Lighting should complement the landscape and, like your home itself, be a reflection of your taste and personality. Consider having your lighting professional mount lighting on nearby trees or other nearby structures for a romantic, moonlit effect. Consider having your walkway lined with modern and subtle rope lighting. Or consider having your walkway lined with lampposts or faux lanterns for a more rustic effect.