6 Landscaping Ideas for Your Modern Hollis, NH, Home

Creating a modern backyard in Hollis, NH, is about more than a minimalistic design and clean lines. It combines functionality and good looks, to establish an inviting place where you feel connected to nature. It needs to fit your modern lifestyle and include innovative features that you can enjoy for years. These landscaping ideas will turn your backyard into a modern one.

1. Mixed Materials

The first step for a modern backyard is to opt for mixed materials. Your landscaper can work with you to create notable contrasts between metallic and concrete features, for example. A prominent stack of wood by a natural stone fire pit adds to the contrasting concept while developing a warm and modern aesthetic. Or you may want to bring in many materials, such as brick, decomposed granite, concrete pavers, and pebbles, for an outstanding overall appearance.

2. Practical Plants and Trees

6 Landscaping Ideas for Your Modern Hollis, NH, Home  

In a modern landscape, every detail is thought through to maximize the functionality of your backyard, and that includes plants and trees. Compared with a traditional landscape where the large part of the backyard is covered in grass, a modern backyard tends to have a significantly lower amount of greenery, with fewer plants, shrubs, and trees. Some shrubs could be isolated in bright planters, for instance, to create a stunning contrast against pale concrete pavers.

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The plants and trees that do make an appearance are carefully chosen, whether it’s their placement, hardiness, or ability to shade your outdoor activities. Your landscape contractor may suggest prioritizing greenery that will be optimal year-round or recommend seasonal flowers that add brightness when your backyard gets the most use.

3. Seating Walls

Modern backyards resemble the organized look and feel of modern interiors. They’re practical in every way, including seating arrangements. A seating wall along the outdoor kitchen can encourage easy conversation in late hours, or a permanent seating arrangement next to the pizza oven could lead to dibs on the first bites of dinner.

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4. Modern Water Feature

A modern water feature, such as a minimalistic water fountain, could add a sense of calmness to your backyard, inviting you to relax and let go of all worries for a few moments. What we love about modern water features is that they are designed to be efficient. The pump uses less electricity and water, so your electricity and water bills won’t be shocking.

5. Fire Features

A fire pit adds a homey touch to modern landscaping, while also complementing it. Built-in seating designed around the main attraction—bright, warm flames—can extend the time you spend outside, allowing you to enjoy more time with your loved ones. A custom-built fireplace could be another attraction for guests that extends the time of an entertaining evening.

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6. Contemporary Landscape Lighting

A sure way to bring a modern touch to your backyard is with low voltage and LED lightings. LED lights are long-lasting and efficient, yet cast a magical light to the area. Opt to add drama though uplighting or set a clear path with strategically placed lights. Light up your modern garden and patio to accentuate the architecture of your home and the landscaping features you’re proud to have chosen.