4 Color Combos for your Paver Patio Design in Amherst

When collaborating on a patio design with a landscape design professional in Amherst, NH, several elements will be up for discussion when choosing pavers. You’ll need to consider aesthetic style, pattern, size, shape, and color. When choosing combinations of colors for your patio, other factors will come into play in addition to the colors of your home and other outbuildings, personal preferences, and even the tone of the neighborhood.

Dawn Mist and Pebble Taupe

One of the first color pairings that you might consider is Dawn Mist and Pebble Taupe, each offered by Richcliff and Courtstone pavers from Unilock. Dawn Mist presents a subtle, varied grey that offers depth and a relaxed aesthetic. Coupled with the gentle warm browns of Pebble Taupe, this pairing is classy and subdued but striking. The combination is so effective and popular that for most series of Unilock pavers in which these colors are offered, it is provided as an on-site blend option. Whether you prefer the cobblestone feel of Courtstone or the flagstone effect of Richcliff, the color choice is understated and balanced. For traditional, country, and elegant outdoor spaces, this paver combination fits remarkably well.

Winter Marvel and Midnight Sky

4 Color Combos for your Paver Patio Design in Amherst, NH

This color combination is a study in contrast rather than subtle blending. Combining the dark of Midnight Sky with the brilliant light grey of Winter Marvel from the Umbriano paver series showcases a powerful use of contrasting tones that can be used to achieve bold border or accent work. For a modern landscape or an area that can benefit from rich contrast, this pairing is ideal. This choice of color is also complementary to most styles and color options while highlighting the greenery of a landscape.

Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, and Old Oak

For brick-inspired pavers like Townhall by Unilock, pairings of reddish and brown shades work to ensure a varied yet true-to-tradition surface. Combining Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, and Old Oak effectively meld rustic reds and earthy browns to create areas with great warmth, character and depth. As with other common pairings, you can choose to have this option prepared at the project site. Whether your intentions are colonial, country, traditional, or rustic, this color combination offers nostalgia and class for your patio project.


Charcoal and Granite

While all of the color options offered in the Hollandstone paver series work well together, the impact of Charcoal and Granite used together is truly eye-catching. The power of the pairing is statement making and ideal for bringing additional drama to outdoor spaces. Hollandstone also offers the color options of Almond Grove, Red, Rustic Red, Sierra, and Terra Cotta - each can be introduced to the Charcoal/Granite combination to add further depth in a tri-tone color scheme. These colors facilitate all sorts of patterns, making it perfect for a versatile selection of themes and styles. Because of the wide color range offered by this paver matching other elements of your landscape design becomes simple, allowing unity, balance, and symmetry throughout the landscape.


Image courtesy of Unilock.