5 Signs You Need a Professional Landscaper

5 Signs you need a Professional Landscaper in Amherst NH

In order to shape the backyard of your dreams, you will have to overcome certain issues already present within the terrain. Challenging features within landscapes include slopes, poor drainage, and limited space, all of which can have a great impact on the layout and design of your Amherst, NH, outdoor area. Even if you are perfectly content with your backyard design, proper maintenance is essential and problem areas must be tackled before they can cause irreversible damage to your landscape. Fortunately, a professional landscaper can guide you along the best route to covering, removing and repairing problem areas within your landscape. Here are a few indicators that you should have a contractor inspect your backyard.

Strong winds

If strong winds frequently devastate your outdoor furniture and draw you indoors, seek out a landscaper to find solutions. Any condition that reduces your comfort or the time you spend outdoors should be addressed, as it defeats the purpose of having an outdoor area. Contractors can arrange the installation of windbreaks, for example, that protect your outdoor rooms.

Drainage issues

A proper drainage system is essential for flat landscapes and those with a high water table or dense soil. Without adequate drainage, water will begin to collect at certain places in the landscape. These pools can drown plants and essentially turn corners of your backyard into miniature swamps. The accumulation of water can also cause damage to hardscaping structures like paved surfaces and the foundations of your home. Approach a contractor to analyze the elevations of your landscape and determine problem areas so that any drainage problems can be addressed before severe damage occurs.


Rocky terrain

The size and density of the rocks in your landscape, as well as the type of stone present, will determine whether these rocks will be an issue. If you are planning to expand your hardscape and build upon your landscape, rocky terrain can incur large excavation and construction costs. Having expert contractors analyze your landscape can enable them to solve potential obstacles in construction and make your landscape renovations run as smoothly as possible.  

Unsightly elements

Your yard may house a few functional, yet unattractive structures that you would rather have hidden. These elements can include air conditioning units, barbecues, and downspouts. You may be tempted to plant large shrubs to conceal them, but this can often draw more unwanted attention to that section of the yard. Fortunately, landscaping professionals have various tricks up their sleeves for hiding unattractive outdoor elements.

Unkempt side yards

A side yard runs along the edge of a home and connects the backyard to the front. Many homeowners aren’t sure how to go about manicuring this space or how to transform it into anything more than a patch of awkwardly-shaped lawn. A landscaper will be able to provide ideas that make the side yard both functional and stylish. For example, they may utilize design techniques similar to those used within very small backyards, in order to create an intimate outdoor room perfect for a cup of coffee with a friend. They can also recommend the best types of plants with which to adorn such a visually cramped space.


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