7 Gorgeous Decorative Outdoor Lighting Ideas for your MA Landscape

A well-lit landscape in Westford, MA, will consist of a layered lighting plan that includes functional, ambient and decorative light fixtures. While functional lighting ensures that task spaces are sufficiently lit, ambient lighting provides mood. Decorative lighting, finally, is the cherry on top of the cake - that extra sparkle that catches the eye and contributes to a magical space.

Decorative lighting takes on numerous forms. Here we’ll take a look at some of these techniques and how you can implement them in your landscape.


Fairy Lights Intertwined with Plants Growing on a Trellis

Allowing plants, such as vines, to grow over on a wood trellis on your patio can help to achieve that charming cottage style. To highlight the vines wrapped around the trellis at night, fairy lights can be added to the mix. These can be woven through the gaps in the trellis in a way that mimics the natural flow of the vines. Fairy lights can also be arranged to look like bunches of fireflies or flowers or stars to further contribute to a natural effect.

Decorative Solar-Powered LEDs

The easiest of all lights to use are decorative solar-powered LED lights as they require no wiring. They are simply placed in a sunny spot, and when dusk arrives, they turn on automatically to light the way for guests and provide a sparkling ambience to outdoor living areas, plant beds and features.


Outdoor Solar String Lights

Outdoor solar string lights can make your deck or patio look especially gorgeous during events that last late into the evening. Solar style string lights are popular in backyard entertainment because they don’t need to be plugged into an electrical source, so they can be hung almost anywhere in the yard - from providing additional flair to your decking to adding some evening tree decoration.

String Lights Around Trees

7 Gorgeous Decorative Outdoor Lighting Ideas for your Westford MA Landscape

Wrap lights around trees in the backyard or front yard. At night they’ll look fabulous and they’ll light up the whole area around them. This technique can make the landscape look truly marvelous! Tiny lights are great for decorating trees, creating a romantic dining spot. A few candles can also be added for mood.

Fairy Lights as Accent Features

Fairy lights can be used as subtle decorations and hints of beauty for a mesmerizing experience when used as accent features for the yard or for plants on your patio.

Outdoor Wall Lighting

Wall lighting, like lanterns and sconces, help enhance your home’s entrance by providing indirect lighting. A single wall lantern can be installed on the front of the house to help illuminate the street address.

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Outdoor Ceiling Lighting

Decorative lighting features can be hung above a door or patio dining table and are available in contemporary and conventional designs. Choose a style that complements the style of your home’s landscape. For maximum effect, have these lights wired to a dimmer to ensure that they provide a gentle ambience and do not cause uncomfortable glare.