3 Ideas for Improving the Safety of Your Outdoor Kitchen in Hollis, NH

One of the most important aspects of outdoor kitchen design and installation is the elimination of potential hazards. Outdoor kitchens require careful planning and execution so that you can avoid expensive future repairs and ensure that you, your friends, and family members have a safe outdoor cooking environment. Northern Lights Landscape Contractors will optimize the look and feel of your outdoor kitchen in Hollis, NH, while maximizing its safety and usability. Here are some ideas for inspiration:

Add Safety Lighting 

3 Ideas for Improving the Safety of Your Outdoor Kitchen in Hollis, NH

Strategically installed lighting is the cornerstone of the safety and security of your home. Proper outdoor lighting allows you to relax in the comfort of your backyard and put your outdoor kitchen to use at virtually any time. If you notice that your lighting doesn’t cover every essential area of your kitchen, then you need a professional to set up your lighting. The most important places to illuminate include your storage units, grill, prep area and bar. Lighting is vital for your outdoor kitchen’s safety and functionality, and can be taken care of with a combination of task lighting, spot lighting, and under cabinet lights. 

An outdoor kitchen is often exposed to harsh climatic conditions, and will need lighting that is approved for wet and damp locations. It’s also important that a proper balance between style and practicality is maintained. With Northern Lights Landscape Contractors, you will get a proper lighting plan that will not only improve the safety of your outdoor kitchen, but also allow you to set the mood for any occasion. 

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Quality Building Materials

From patio stones to cabinets, your outdoor kitchen needs high-quality materials so that safety can be ensured. The materials should be resistant to moisture, heat, direct flame, and staining from grease and other substances. Wooden cabinets and flooring are generally avoided for outdoor kitchens. Instead, contractors recommend stainless steel for grills and cabinets, stone veneer for nearby walls, concrete pavers and wall units or natural stone, such as granite, for flooring and the overall structure of the kitchen bar and grill island.

Granite is one of the strongest, densest natural stones, and is unlikely to crack or stain. Concrete pavers offer amazing surface textures and some of the most versatile design options. Concrete units can be manufactured to be stain-resistant and fade-resistant, and won’t crack under the pressure of your appliances, as they are specifically designed to withstand intense traffic and heavy loads. Stone veneer is ideal for kitchen walls because of its incredible heat and flame resistance, which will guarantee the safety of your outdoor kitchen. Stainless steel offers a number of gorgeous finishes that will add sophistication to your outdoor kitchen.

The initial investment of these materials is well worth it for avoiding future problems and maintenance issues. If you already have your outdoor kitchen installed on a wooden deck, precautionary measures are necessary in order to protect the wood from heat and moisture. A wooden kitchen deck needs to be regularly sealed, and the appliances strategically placed to avoid hazards. 

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Provide covering and ventilation

If your outdoor kitchen is not built from sturdy, weather-resistant materials, you can enclose and protect it from environmental influences. In this case, you’ll need a functional ventilation system that will funnel heat and smoke out of the kitchen area.