3 Landscaping Ideas for Increasing Privacy in Your Amherst, NH, Backyard

Lack of privacy can ruin even the best of outdoor entertaining designs. Even if your neighbors aren’t nosy, nobody wants their gatherings to be visible to the neighborhood. Luckily, privacy can be improved with the right tools and the right know-how. Here are some great landscaping ideas for increasing the privacy of your Amherst, NH, backyard.

Planting Trees

Trees are the ultimate privacy tool: They’re green, they’re low-maintenance, and they’re large. Planting trees on your property can have many benefits, like preventing soil erosion, providing a home for birds and butterflies, and adding a natural aesthetic to your yard. Choose the type of tree that best fits the level of privacy you’re looking for. One option is use tall evergreens like arborvitae as a privacy fence on the outer perimeter of your home. They’re relatively low maintenance, improve air quality, and create a thick barrier between you and neighbors that is pleasant to view. Another option is to strategically place a sapling like a maple or cherry tree if you have a certain area that lacks privacy. This can be more cost-effective if your privacy issue is minor, and it can also provide shade closer to your entertaining space.

Pergolas and Trellises

3 Landscaping Ideas for Increasing Privacy in Your Amherst, NH, Backyard

Adding a structure like a pergola or trellis can be a beautiful way to add privacy centered on a specific location. Pergolas are wooden structures that provide a roof over a paver patio for shade and privacy. Plant a vine like morning glory or ivy that will wrap around the structure, adding a touch of nature and additional privacy. This is a great option if you want aerial privacy from neighbors whose homes are at a higher elevation than yours. If you want more privacy from lateral or side views, trellises can provide that with a similar concept as pergolas. Trellises are typically used as a structure for climbing or vining plants, especially roses. But they double as excellent privacy barriers and are more flexible than pergolas. Your landscaper can affix single or multiple trellises in order to give you privacy in a needed area. Having climbing roses will just make it sweeter, no pun intended!


Using masonry can increase your privacy and create a more personal entertaining space in your yard. While this method is best used in conjunction with other privacy barriers, it’s definitely an addition to the exclusivity of your space. The first way to increase your privacy is to build your patio on a step down so that it’s a little lower than ground level. Then finish the patio area with decorative masonry walls that can be several feet high. This alone adds a good amount of privacy, and can be enhanced with trellises or arborvitae trees. By lowering your patio area, you’re changing the line of sight, much of which will not be visible, especially with the decorative masonry walls. You could also use retaining walls if you have slopes in your yard, and add shrubs, trees, or other privacy barriers.

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These are some great ways to enhance the privacy of your space and create a more personal feel for your guests.